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Arrr... The Pirate Bay Returns

The Pirate Bay, the torrent site famous for mocking Hollywood's legal threats, is back online, only days after a police raid in Sweden, executed by approximately 50 officers, confiscated their servers (and the servers of many others at the same datacentre, affecting 200-300 unrelated websites).

An Inconvenient Truth

Roger Ebert, a guy who is hardly known for political or activist agendas, has written a glowing, disturbing review of Al Gore/Davis Guggenheim's "An Inconvenient Truth":

PledgeBank: Altruism For the Lazy

Altruism isn't always an energizing thing. If you want to do something small, no problem: your own energy and resources will be sufficient. If you want to do something big, you face the task of having to drum up the energy and resources of others. Next thing you know these folks have "ideas of their own" and people will expect you to show up to things.

If You Don't Exercise Your Body Will Poison You

You think you can just hang around sucking up slabs of butter and watching reruns of Airwolf.

If you don't excercise your body will poison you:

Borat at Cannes

Borat. What is Best Thing What Ever Happen 2 Show Bidz.

And 4 Ladeez (maybe).

Via Defamer

Note: Dis is a picture what got labelled wrong. I didn do it. Some One Else did.

By Malcolm van Delst

Bad Poetry

is a piece I made recently. For a Film Guy in Philadelphia - that's right, it is on the Film!

Financial Tomfoolery at Douglas Students Union?

Vancouver's Douglas Student Union has allegedly been subject to financial tomfoolery by management. It seems to be a microcosmic example of North America's renaissance of corruption.

This World Towel Day Celebrate the Unlightenment

World Towel Day is coming up. On May 25th the devout will honor dead author Douglas Adams by carrying a towel around with them all day. Of the many uses of a towel, one stands out:

USA to Interfere With EFF vs AT&T/NSA Wiretapping Case

The EFF is suing AT&T over its eavesdropping on US citizens, on behalf of the NSA, through the use of Narus boxes.