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Ask the Better Business Bureau to Drop AT&T's Privacy Seal

AT&T is retroactively claiming to own its customers' information, a gross violation of privacy and business ethics.

AT&T has a Better Business Bureau privacy seal on their WorldNet page (above right), which doesn't seem to fit with their involvement in illegal government surveillance.

Paralyzed Veterans of America Fight for Traditional Hunting Grounds

US Republican efforts to encroach on parklands have taken an interesting turn. Congress is currently battling over a last-minute addition to a defense spending bill that would interfere with preservation plans for Santa Rosa Island, a 53000-acre island in Southern California.

Off-Route Mines: New Insurgent Technology in Iraq

Roadside bombings continue to be one of the Iraq insurgency's most effective tactics against occupying forces. The public perception of the technology used is that it is improvised and crude (FrogStyle has previously featured pictures of IEDs based on artillery shells).

Anti-Rape Condom

Rapex is a special type of condom designed to discourage and identify would-be rapists. The condom is worn inside a woman's vagina and is lined with an array of plastic "teeth" that cause the condom to attach to the rapist's penis.

The patented device was invented by Sonette Ehlers, a retired South African blood technician. She got the idea from a rape victim:

Good Times with Paxil

Slate has an interesting account of a writer who decided to try taking Paxil to counteract his shyness. Paxil advertisements have touted the drug as a way to overcome "social anxiety discorder" aka bashfulness.

Below are some snippets if you want the condensed version. If not, read the whole article.

Here are the snippets:

US State Bans Forced RFID Implants

Wisconsin has become the first US state to ban the involuntary implanting of a microchip into humans. Scott Silverman, chairman of Verichip (the only US company with FDA approval for implanting RFID chips into humans), recently suggested that immigrant workers be implanted with RFID chips.

Cryptome Celebrates 10th Anniversary

"Our goal is to be the most disreputable publisher on the Net, just after the world's governments and other highly reputable bullshitters." -John Young

In the wake of the return of Pirate Bay, another notorious website is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Woman sells DNA on Ebay

"You will have the right to replicate my genetic code as much and however you desire.*"

DNA on Ebay

Some Weird Old Shit

A Guy What Hates My Work, Sent this 2 Me. It is the story of "Little Red Riding Hood," written in 1940 by a French professor, H. L. Chace, "to show his students that intonation - that is, the melody of a language - is an integral part of its meaning."


The Pigs and I

The cops put me in jail for no reason, so my friend, a web app developer, made an open source web site for the public to log complaints against the police:

Then we made this video, "The Pigs and I"
1) to have some fun,
2) to bring attention to injustices perpetuated by the police and