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Republicans Divided Over Secret CIA Prisons, Systematic Torture

US Senate House Leader Bill Frist, currently being investigated for insider trading, has drafted a letter to Republicans on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence calling for an investigation into how information about the

Gettin' Old

Getting old is a crappy thing. I do not like it. Well, I like getting smart and knowledgeable about the way people screw each other, steal and make up stories. Stories what are really lies what we consent to believe unless we stop liking the person. Then the tales or confusion or good intentions become lies. If it goes on, they don't become our friends anymore and are enemies.

Scoot's Smut Shoots Up

Libby "Scooter" Lewis, potential felon and right-hand man to torture champion Dick Cheney, is also a man of letters. Proof of his prowess? Used copies of Scooter's 1996 novel, called "The Apprentice", are going for $700 on!

The Heartless Neighbours

Most people instinctively know that the animals are as a gift (even as children). You can play with them and touch their necks and faces and they will look at you as if you are more than what you are. It does not matter if you are of another race or you do not have power through your job: an animal will put its faith in you, clinging to you like a child to a relative.

Cheney, in Opposition to the Senate, Continues to Advocate Torture

At the end of a recent luncheon of Senate Republicans, US vice president Cheney asked that staffers leave the room so he could address the senators in private. Once this was done Cheney gave an impassioned speech opposing an anti-torture amendment that was added to a defence spending bill. The bill, complete with the amendment, was approved by the senate 90-9.

Falun Gong Torture Art

The Falun Gong, a large organization of mostly Chinese hippies, has a gallery of painted renditions of torture techniques they claim the Chinese government uses on them.

Peer-To-Peer Microlending

A woman who'd spent years in Africa doing aid work, before retreating from the violence and corruption, once told me that "microlending is the ONLY thing that works". Until now, there has been no way for individuals to directly participate in microlending.

Blair Backpedals on Kyoto

Tony Blair is once again following Bush's lead, issuing statements at a London governmental summit that essentially say that economic prosperity is more important than global survival. Blair thinks Kyoto's legally binding emission targets are not "sensitive" enough to economic needs:

State Tries to Take Katrina Evacuee's Newborn

A Texas hospital performed an illegal drug test on a Katrina evacuee's newborn baby and, based on a false positive result for marijuana, contacted Child Protective Services, who took custody of the newborn and her 3-year-old brother.

The drug test turned out to be wrong and hospital officials were unable to explain how they legally obtrained the urine sample.

Spinning Halloween: The Pumpkin Gospel

Focus on the Family has a website called Focus on Your Child which is a gold mine of great tips on how to make sure your child maintains the paranoia and self-hate that is required to remain part of a fundamentalist cult.