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Heidi Fleiss To Open One For The Ladies

Heidi Fleiss, famed madame to the stars and whipping girl of LA authorities, has a new business idea:

"I am moving to Crystal," Fleiss said Wednesday of a desert crossroads 20 miles north of Pahrump and about 80 miles outside Las Vegas. It features two bordellos and little else.

US Military Denies, Then Admits, Use of Chemical Weapons in Iraq

Late last year, the US military responded to allegations that it had used chemical weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, by outright denial. In a State Department missive ironically labelled as "Identifying Misinformation", the administration claimed:

The Power of Nightmares

If you're going to see one documentary this year, the three part BBC series "The Power of Nightmares" should be it. Its tone is less propagandistic than Michael Moore's 2004 documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" and it explains how the political climate that spawned 9/11 was created.

Lady Fight

I know this girl; a woman, actually. She's about half my age, extremely vivacious and confident. She likes me, or did like me until I sent her an angry email.

I find myself thinking about her a lot since that email.

Physics Professor Challenges the Official 9/11 Narrative

Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones is challenging the offical account of the World Trade Center collapse. Like the Oklahoma City Bombing, the popular narrative of 9/11 has been frequently challenged, but Jones focuses on the physics of the event, which, he claims, were ignored by several major investigations.

Gettin' Old Cont.

Continued from Part 1.

And I'm only 42.

I'll probably live to be at least 75 years old.

So as less and less people are interested in talking to me, my physical existence is going to get more and more constrained and uncomfortable.

Niki Yan, a new kind of Heroess!

"I need a cheap labor for my pigs, will he be OK with that? I can train him, they are actually very friendly..."

Bus Strike

Next week, Nov. 14 to 18, there will be a fare strike in Vancouver. By those guys at the Bus Riders Union.

Eyeballing Riots in France

Cryptome has a good spread of photos of the rioting in France.

The photo at right shows a Mcdonalds that rioters have smashed into with a car:

Single-Vendor WMD Protection Solution?

I set out to find gear to protect my family from a WMD attack, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. It was hard to find one vendor who would sell everything I needed and the distinctions between the various products were puzzling.