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Ebay Brainiacs Bid up to $810 (US) for a Box

Last Monday, a fierce bidding war broke out on eBay, involving ten different bidders, and ultimately raising the price of the lot from it's 99 cents starting bid to $810 (plus shipping), in just over 10 hours. The prize? A cardboard box, which at some point in the recent past, once had an X-BOX 360 in it...

Canadian Election Forced

An effort orechestrated by Canadian neo-conservatives has brought down Canada's government, forcing an election. The Conservative Party of Canada, a party analogous to the US Republican party, joined with two other opposition parties to call for a no-confidence vote in the Liberal government. The Liberals have been significantly weakened by a corruption scandal.

The Conservative Party is run by Stephen Harper, who has a long history in the Canadian neo-conservative movement.

"Don't Bomb Us": Al-Jazeera Staffers Start Blog

Al-Jazeera staffers have started a blog to persuade the public not to support US military attacks against them.

Republican Congressman Resigns After Being Caught Taking Millions in Bribes

Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a Republican US congressman, has resigned after pleading guilty to taking millions of dollars of bribes over a five year period. Cunningham, a member of a congressional committee in charge of defense spending, was being paid to support certain defense contractors.

Video: US Mercenaries Killing Random Iraqi Civilians

Aegis Defence Services, a British security contractor (i.e. mercenary) company serving the US in Iraq, accidentally leaked a video of employees randomly shooting at Iraqi civilians in vehicles.

Fast food managers follow orders from phone call telling them to abuse workers

Sometimes a thing what is Frog Style is as sad as it is funny. 4 instants, it is Funny that these manager guys would follow instructions from a guy on a phone, who says he is a cop, & make they're employees do lewd things & get strip searched, but is it sad also?

Source: The Courier-Journal

By Malcolm van Delst

Another Iraq Military Investigator Commits Suicide

Col. Ted Westhusing, a West Point professor and prominent American military ethicist who volunteered to go to Iraq, was found dead in June. He was found inside a trailor with a single gunshot wound to the head, his death ruled a suicide.

Crow Moving

Where does a people start when describing the fantastic what is "Crow Moving"?! I ask to you?!

They gots a specially made, hand painted logo:

Michael Brown Keeps on Truckin'

Michael Brown, director of FEMA during its structural gutting and botched response to Hurricane Katrina, believes in Himself! Even though his ineptitude likely contributed to the deaths of thousands, he is facing his fear and offering disaster preparedness consulting services! Says Brown:

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