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Americablog Gets An Email from the Pentagon: "Link To Us"

The anti-Bush website Americablog got a typo-laden email from the Pentagon today, part of their campaign to influence the content of political blogs and improve the Google page rank, and public perception, of their own propaganda news site (the more sites that link to the Pe

Billy Holiday

Smoothly crooning with a silky voice.
Summer nights in New Orleans,
ripe with the smell of spicy Cajun food.
The tinkle of ice cubes in tall glasses
of fresh squeezed lemonade.
Trumpets and clarinets playing in unison
with a battered snare drum.
Chocolate brown on midnight black.

Lady Day in your Harlem nights,
singing songs in the house of ill repute.
Obscure speakeasy's and night clubs
were your venues.

Whiteboards Ahoy

Mike here... Yesterday, after working out, I went to an office supplies store. Still "high on health" and caked with filth, I bought a big whiteboard and some markers.

The whiteboard now hangs on my wall. While it is big, it is not fancy. It does not have the fake gold trim that a lot of rap musicians favour when they write their "rhymes" on the board's polished white surface. It has a simple aluminum surface, with clip-on trays for markers and erasers.

Bush Admin Interior Secretary With Ties to Abramoff Resigns

Interior Secretary Gale Norton resigned today. Norton, introduced to Abramoff by Tom Delay, was alleged to have done favors for Abramoff. Abramoff, in turn, got his clients to donate money to a conversative environmental group founded by Norton. The photo at right shows Norton (in center) with Abramoff (at right).

Source: Raw Story

A Hello from Malcolm

Well, I am finally getting some actionz going on wit that video I am making.

Building Contractor Specializes in Hidden Rooms and Storage

Creative Home Engineering is a company that "adds value" to homes by "integrating silent, automated hidden passageways".

The video section of their woefully Flash-dependent site features a number of videos and animations of their designs.

My favourite design is animation 4, which features an easy chair with a cushion that lifts up allowing you to slide down a tube into a room below.

Republican Group Sends Tax Form Lookalikes To Con Money

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has sent out donation forms designed to look like tax returns.

These forms have "Return Enclosed" printed on the bottom and are sent to "U.S. Individual Resident". The language of the form implies that one is legally obligated to return it. For example, text from the form:

Vanity Fair Releases PDF Preview of Abramoff Article

Vanity Fair, usually protective of their content before publication, has released a PDF of an article that will be published in their next issue.

The article is a talk with Jack Abramoff about his current predicament and his relationships with prominent Republicans, many who claim they don't know him or, as Bush said, don't recall meeting him. Abramoff apparently has a stash of photographs of himself with many of these folks (including Bush) that he plans to sell.

Offshore Banking for the Rest of Us

When websites selling offshore banking start looking as if they've been designed by glue-sniffing, preteen hax0rs, it seems likely that the market for these services has finally been commoditized.

Offshore Consultants (Zurich) GmbH offers a relatively cheap way to shirk responsibility as a taxpayer by establishing an offshore account:

Blogger Discovers FBI File Declaring Him An Enemy of the State

Blogger Doug Thompson of Capital Hill Blue was recently shown an FBI document declaring him to be an enemy of the state: