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Vancouver: FrogStyle Correspondant Involved in Douglas College Coup

FrogStyle applauds the efforts of correspondant Brent Morley, and his cohorts, in their efforts to cleanse the Douglas College institution. Morley is involved in a ruthless coup against corrupt elements. The aptly-named "Crush" coalition will succeed. Click on the thumbnails below to view Crush's campaign materials:

Four Generations of Bush Family Arms Industry Involvement

George W. Bush lied to lead America to war and, in the process, is making a lot of money for his network.

Most people don't know how far the Bush tradition of working in government, while having arms industry interests, goes.

Reach For Your Dreams!

Sometimes life can get you down. It can feel like your life is like a big, semi-hardened log of poo. And, in a way, it is! There are flies buzzing around it and it smells kind of bad, but the poo has a purpose!

Memoires of Some Happy

Hello. I have start a thing 2 address at some work an' social an' personable issue. I am a one who thinks that all these thing relate up (2 each other). is a blog what I have made 2 change my self up from tha inside 2 tha outside, from tha pasts up 2 tha presents!

Former US General Denounces Rumsfeld, Calls For Resignation

Paul D. Eton, a former US Army general, has written an op-ed piece for the New York Times calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign (for a great overview of Rumsfeld's role in shaping the war, PBS has an excellent documentary viewable online called Rumsfeld's War).

Botched Offensive the Latest in Iraq War Deceit

Billed the "largest air assault since the Iraq invasion", the US military has been shown to be lying once again. "Operation Swarmer" made the cover of most major newspapers, but it was pure theatre: no shots were fired because there was no enemy to engage. Without an enemy, how can it be called an assault?

Video: A Soldier's-Eye View of IEDs

The Bush administration is planning on spending billions of dollars to defeat improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq, dishing out contract dollars to build special highways. The Pentagon is, however, pessimistic. As countermeasures are developed, the IEDs evolve accordingly.

32 US Congressman Call For Impeachment Committee

32 congressmen are working to get the ball rolling on impeaching Bush for misleading the US into the Iraq war.

Source: Raw Story.

Sad Secrets

2day, I am a sad one. Some things I have learned what R good 2 know, but not good 2 keep 2 uor self. How ever, I cannot speak 2 them or my friend will get mad. Think 2 me & send me some happy thought, OK?

Well, that iz all 4 now.

Hi. I'm back. I found this web page what is good 4 sending uor sad secrets 2, on a post card.