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The Toad, the Man and the Alien

TadpolesAlright then:

My Identity as a Depressed, Lonely, Lost and Confused Woman.

I’ve chosen a rule: I’m going to write fiction. There is much more freedom there: I can make up physics, biology and ethics rules. I can make up belief systems.

So I will create an outline. I’ll create the characters: write outlines of their personalities and motivations.

Then I’ll fill in these personality and motivation descriptions with actions, history and background. Each character will become a compassionate person for the reader, even though the reader will desperately, desperately want to side with one or another of the characters. I will never allow it. My story will be agony to read because you will want to hate someone, but you won’t be able to.

Character 1: a toad. A toad in Chernoybll. The toad is the 2nd or 3rd generation of toad after the nuclear power plant exploded.