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Play With Plastic Bags

Executive Protection Systems has created a "WMD Escape mask for infants to 3 years old". For only $223.50, your child can survive the inevitable attacks by the godless heathen.

Just make sure you keep the unit's batteries fresh as it relies on an electric blower.

Purchase here.

Gold Teeth USA!

Have you ever wanted to have gold teeth? If you are like me the answer is "yes" and now there is a place you can get them on the internet. If you go to Gold Teeth USA they will sell to you "removable caps" that are gold and "mold kits" that you can use to make them fit well.

"Removable Caps"

Champions of Reality

"Cosplay" (aka "costume play"... when fans of anime and manga dress up as their favourite characters) has spawned some special creations!

"Happy Sabrina" is a fine site for when you get sad. The person in the photos is, according to some, a mans!