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Step Into the Future With Frog Style Biscuit FashionWiki

Note: FashionWiki is currently down. We don't know why. It worked fine. Now it's being a demon. Oh well.

The WikiPedia is full of creeps, so we made the Frog Style Biscuit FashionWiki to discuss things what matter more than what they talk about.

You can put in some fashion tips and also take pictures of hots looks on the street.

Pets In Uniform

In the vein of the venerable Catprin Tailor (which sells outfits that allow you to dress your cat up as a Japanese schoolgirl), Pets In Uniform provides a product to help destroy the self image of the animal you hold most dear.

From the site:

Oxbridge is the New Trailer Park

You want Respect. Power. You wear Argyle as a symbol of Intelligence, Education, Privilege.

But a hot, primal blood beats within your veins. Wild, Sexy, Dangerous.

You do not choose between work or play, Oxbridge or the Park. You handle life on your own terms.

(Click here or on picture to hear Bronwyn talking about her tights.)

Pearly Kings and Queens

Pearly kings and queens are some guys what sew buttons on their clothes. My friend Ifny, who's grandfather was a Rag and Bone man, turned me on to these fine, crafty individuals.

Here's a collection of links to "garbage" and "street" culture, from the olden times. I'll let Ifny tell it, cause she has such a way with words:

Lighted Knitting Needles

Holy boy! Can u believe??!! Knitting needles what light up, 4 workin' in the dark!

Source: Glitty Knitty Kitty

See also: Ultimate Nighttime Slippers!

Ultimate Nighttime Slippers

Some guys are making a slippers called BrightFeet. They are so named because when it is dark and you walk around in them they have headlights that turn on!!!

Steppin' Out... Senior Style!!!

Fashion has traditionally had youth as a foundation. This is because everybody has at one time in their lives wanted to "get with" some youth or other. Well, that is over now. The abundance of "mature ladiez" on Internet porn sites is just the tip of the iceberg. Baby boomers are starting to get old so you can bet fashion designers are going to want to get their hands on the cash the boomers have amassed by opening up our economy to third world labour.

Hot Hands and Burning Booties

Sometimes in life it is cold. You feel like you are alone and there is no hope. You feel this mostly on your foots, but also sometimes in the hands... almost like there is ice inside your veins. What can you do? Maybe you need to heat it up! Maybe you need special booties what use computer power to heat them up? Or maybe even darling mitts?

US Security Firms Go Wild for Terror Fashions

Some American security firms cashing in on Pope George II's terror gold rush have come up with a dazzling array of suicide bombing apparel. Items include stylish green vests and the less suicidal, but always sophisticated, remote-detonated suitcase bomb (with retro-vinyl styling and modern classic Nokia cellphone).

Dogs and Cats Skinned Alive for Fur

Peta has a sad and disturbing video of dogs and cats in China being shipped around, then skinned alive, for their fur. Peta is targetting J. Crew, an upscale clothing vendor who sells fur exclusively imported from China. Peta's J.