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Oh baby, lay me down. I am weary. Oh baby, lay me down. The world is too full of pain. The world is too full of lost, confused, fighting, hating, lying human beings. How can you even know what’s right anymore? Are we worth saving – us humans? Are we even worth caring about when compared to the majesty of trees, rocks and streams?

Think how beautiful and quiet the world would be without us! Birds, water gurgling and crickets. Bees buzzing on lazy summer days. Grass blowing.

OH baby, lay me down, I am weary. It is time for sleep now, and I will become the wind, the air. I will rest lightly on the earth and enjoy the caresses of the grasses and the scrubbing of the evergreens. I will lie in the sun as I protect the earth. I will be an air poisonous to humans. I will suck the life from their lungs, gather them up in a fierce cosmic wind and throw them to the stars!

Belly Words

Writing from my belly.

This is something I’m going to start doing. Why? Because I hate my belly. Like my mom and her mom, I’m tall and thin, with a belly. Any weight I put in first goes to my stomach. So I end up thick through the middle with danglely arms and stick legs. An AT-AT walker kind of woman, except on two legs instead of four.

Can I learn to love my belly and love my mom and grandmom? The bit of revulsion I just felt as I typed that last sentence makes me think, probably not, on an emotional, easy to reach level. Can I learn to love my belly – my full, comforting belly filled with fuel and warming my body like a hearth?

Too Good

There’s only been one thing I’ve ever been good at: failure. Oh sure, I’m good at “graphic design” and “writing” and “organizing” – but really, it always comes down to the same fucking thing: I have no staying power. Scratch that. It always comes down to the same fucking thing: programming.

“Do not challenge.”
“Follow the Rules.”
“Make yourself small so others look big.”

“Be good, but not too good.”

“Your reward is in the afterlife.”

So I fail over and over and over again. And other people look good. I, on the other hand, look… less and less like the wild horse everyone wants to tame.

So many plans, so little accomplishment. (God will save you.) So little will power. (God will save you.) Scratch that.

“Make yourself good, but not so good that others look bad.” (Whoops, you’re getting too good, better change focus.”)

Show Us Your Tits... If Your Dare: Eric. S. Raymond in Da Wild

Eric S. Raymond, a longtime personality in the open source software realm, is famed for many things.

Senior Style: Electric Wheelchairs Aren't Just for the Disabled Anymore!

The stigma of electric wheelchairs is on the wane and it's about time. With global warming encroaching, things are heating up... in the fashion world as well as the "environment".

Male Fitting Model Wanted

I did a job like this once, a long, long time ago. No one in the office ate lunch but everyone snacked covertly the whole day through.

Fashion - Male Fitting model required

We are looking for someone who can be our standard size in a line of male corsets. The approximate measurements we require are:

Chest = 38 inches
waist = 31 inches
hip = 33.5 inches (measured about 5 inches below the waist)

Amnesty Int'l Transparent Bus Shelter Ads in Switzerland

Images of atrocities happening around the world, printed on clear backgrounds and affixed to bus shelter windows so it looks like the suffering ones are right there, on the street.

"It's not happening here but it's happening now," says the tagline, in either French or German.

Amnesty Int'l Ad Campaign in Switzerland

Messages What I Like

If u write a good email message, people will b more likely 2 go 2 uor show, or event.

4 instants, this lady said:

I have suffered for gotta come see!

So, even while she suffered, she was like, all Cheerleader and everything. That is good. Embrace uor experiences and celebrate it up!

Vern Robinson: To Laugh or Cry?

Finally, Americans in North Carolina can safely stop turning to television and radio entertainment programming for comedy. Why? Vernon Robinson, for starters. Only, I hope you like your comedy black.

Finally Here!

Well, finally, I can tell 2 u about M.V.D. Designs web page! It is at and since it is just new, there is only 1 product there now: the M.V.D. Designs Designer Bag. ("What u like!")

Made from the finest plastics what I found an HAND PRINTED! Each! INDIVIDUALLY! "When u wear a M.V.D. Designs Designer Bag know that Every Body Person will b looking 2 u, with Ah and Admiring Looks!"