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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


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The Biltmore Swings Both Ways

Malcolm spotted this: The neon sign on Vancouver's glorious Biltmore hotel is missing a few letters. Click the thumbnail for the full photo.

Zod 2008

Finally, a candidate worth voting for emerges for the 2008 election. He has none of Bush's weakness and is not a contemptable coward like Kerry. He is a man will to use an iron fist to bring unity and prosperity to a nation still plagued by doubt.

Behind the Scenes at "The Apprentice": Donald Trump the Pervert

New York street/rock photographer Debbie CB has a Flickr photoset depicting a Donald Trump doll writhing like a dog among piles of money, bimbos, and manwhores. Includes edifying commentary:

you make your bed and youll lie in it
theres nothing more satisfying then laying in a pile of money surrounding by desperate young beauty pagent sluts models and whores who will worhip you dispite your a weird looking man

Big Dark Scary Episode 36

The evening started out in the pressroom with a conspiracy and some random scrawling. We then carried on to the next locale for the essential Vérité collection of cinématèque, grog, golden nectar, and the telling of tales ensued.

Solar/Pedal-Powered Water Treatment

"Moving Water Industries" offers a snazzy solar-powered water treatment system (with pedal-powered backup) that can pump 10,000 liters of water per day. You can get water from it just by opening the tap. For those days or nights where the sun is not going on, you can draw from its 85 gallon storage tank.

What are you waiting for? Survive so well!

Audio-Only Shooter Game

a.Shooter, by a.Game, is a first person shooter. The game is played in a "virtual room" defined by panorama, pitch and volume. The game is freely downloadable so go to have some fun!

Circuit Bending Little B

Innovation in toy design to new height: Emperor George II. An enterprising lady or man turns a Little Bush doll into an instrument for sound, using a light sensor to affect playback speed of Bushisms. Switches, jacks, and tattoos are placed in the appropriate areas. MP3s of the resulting kinderspiel available for download.
George got a tattoo after he was "elected" to thank his Dad for getting him a really neat job.

Films for the streets! MTL UPD8 #1

Okay, so you think you know a frogstyles, right? you think so? you think, "oh, them frogstyles, what a bunch of vancouver guys", right?


And worldwide! you never know who is a Frogstyle. !

I shall show you!

My Barbarians

All right, so maybe you haven't heard of them. And Micheal tells me that I shouldn't just post stuff off of Boingboing, but My Barbarian are the best thing what I seen. Watch this or read this. Haha. You don't believe me. You're loss!

Male Model Mike Explains His Success