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Found Art on Zed TV!

W00t! Tha art what was left outside our apartment, what I wrote about here, will b on Zed TV's, this Tues, Apr. 11, at 11:25pm. The next day, it will b available on tha internets:

Kingdom of Loathing Shut Down

The administrators of the successful multiplayer online game Kingdom of Loathing have been forced to call it quits due to rising bandwidth and administration costs and, a minor but contributing factor, pressure from American neo-prohibitionist organizations.

"Design Nerds" Tranform Cars Into Modular Greenspace

The Vancouver Design Nerds are a network of sustainability-minded design folks in Vancouver, Canada. Their latest project, "Car Park", involves showing how cars can be transformed into portable gardens, providing modular greenspace and reversing the role of the automobile in our culture.

FrogStyle happened upon a "Car Park" prototype whilst agitating on a sunny day. Click on the upper-left thumb to see the prototype lookin' so fine.

Portraits of FrogStyle Correspondent Morley

Below are portraits of FrogStyle correspondant Brent Morley (click to enlarge).

FrogStyle Frands are good 1s 2 have!

Paul Lotar's Child Army: Tuff Luv 4 u!

Does these look like u? Click the image 2 yourself, what u became.

U have no controls over uor emotions. U're young, but u r like a rudderless ship, like a blind animal lost in the forest of uor own decadent wayz.

U can become more u's full tho. FrogStyle has some Tuff Luv 4 u.

Paul Lotar's Child Army... coming soon.


For as little as 99 cents US per fax, you can now have some art "beamed directly to your home or office". ArtFax is here (including the "Cute Animals" series).

FrogStyle Youth!

While taking his child to a high school for some reason, FrogStyle SuperFriend Josh happened upon a row of FrogStyle cards taped to one of the lockers!!! Then he snapped a photo with his camphone!!!

Josh suggested that we reward this Mystery Youth with some sort of prize, which we thought was a fine idea, seeing as the phone includes the locker number (and the school is in our town).

Merry Saddles

Note: Some links in this story NSFW.

Merry Saddles is an "erotic cycling supplier", creating bicycles, unicycles, stationary bikes, and tricked out seats so you can have hot times when you pedal around. Their cycles are fancy ones: decked out with tasseled or feathered seats and pedals and, distinguishing them from other BikeArt... sexy toyz attached to the seats!!!

You Can't Take It With You

"Koharu san will give you super virtual simulation" for only 504,000 Yen ($4,300 USD).

Source: (via Digitaler Lumpensammler).

Digital Potlucks: A Time For Frands

Last weekend, we at FrogStyle inwestigated a "digital potluck" of media-lovin' critters.

It is a fine concept: social computing with smart folks, pirating like troubled animals, sharing that edutaining media.

The folks hosting the gathering balanced the yin of geekery with the yang of DJs and refreshments! When the party people started filtering in, those of us who had been immersed in digital crack transitioned into fun meatspace timez!