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Bikearts Youtube Group

That YouTube thing sure is something else... a veritable fondue of video.

There are countless videos of teenage girls screaming along to things, a group called hotballlust (which features men getting kicked around), and... bikes!

FrogStyle has started a video group called bikearts to feature videos about pedal-powered livin', lovin', and fightin'. Share up your videos of cycling exploits, experimental rides, and biking actions with the mystical multimedia melting pot what is a Youtube massive.

Merry Saddles

Note: Some links in this story NSFW.

Merry Saddles is an "erotic cycling supplier", creating bicycles, unicycles, stationary bikes, and tricked out seats so you can have hot times when you pedal around. Their cycles are fancy ones: decked out with tasseled or feathered seats and pedals and, distinguishing them from other BikeArt... sexy toyz attached to the seats!!!

Solar/Pedal-Powered Water Treatment

"Moving Water Industries" offers a snazzy solar-powered water treatment system (with pedal-powered backup) that can pump 10,000 liters of water per day. You can get water from it just by opening the tap. For those days or nights where the sun is not going on, you can draw from its 85 gallon storage tank.

What are you waiting for? Survive so well!

Clitoral Mass!

Clitoral Mass happened Friday, August 19th, 2005 and it was the Best Time!! 35 ladies, which is a good amount, but could have been better - Ladies?! - met at the Art Gallery and drove around Vancouver on our Bikes.

Then we met some Fine masculine individuals who gave us chocolates. This was at a beach, just past the Jericho Sailing Club.