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Reich 4.0

Busy Beaver Halliburton Given Budget to Build Concentration Camps in US When Needed

Although FEMA already keeps a network of camps ready for "disaster victims", apparently the Bush administration sees a need for more.

Secrecy News

The Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy has launched a blog to cover news related to the lack of transparency in the Bush administration.

Site is located here.

Memos Reveal Supreme Court Nominee Alito Supported Domestic Surveillance and Wanted Roe vs Wade Overturned

Samuel Alito, a Bush nominee to the US Supreme Court, supported the right of the state to spy on citizens in a 1984 memo. Alito expressed a belief that government officials, in particular the attorney general, should be immune to lawsuits over approving domestic wiretaps, even without warrants. According to Alito:

Right-Wing Bloggers Lying to Defend Bush Spying

In order to defend Bush permitting illegal spying on American citizens, a number of extreme-right blogs are (surprise, surprise) lying.

Bush Broke The Law to Spy on American Citizens

After surviving Plamegate, Bush has landed in another serious legal jam, this time without proxies to take the fall.

Plamegate, in which Lewis Libby was indicted and Karl Rove narrowly escaped, implicated the Bush administration in a breach of national security, but did not implicate him directly. This time, however, Bush has admitted his own involvement in allowing a secret NSA program of warrantless eavesdropping on US citizens.

Bush Administration Fails to Make Patriot Act Provisions Permanent

After a period of negotiation, the Republican-dominated congress and senate had agreed to indefinitely extend much of the USA Patriot Act, adding some revisions to slightly limit the act's powers. 14 provisions of the act were to become permanent, while three others were to be extended for seven years.

Physics Professor Challenges the Official 9/11 Narrative

Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones is challenging the offical account of the World Trade Center collapse. Like the Oklahoma City Bombing, the popular narrative of 9/11 has been frequently challenged, but Jones focuses on the physics of the event, which, he claims, were ignored by several major investigations.

Why is Bush Promoting Martial Law?

The Bush administration has been conspicuously working to acclimatize people to the idea of martial law.

Is the Bush Administration Planning For a Military Coup?

The Washington Post is publishing an interesting blog called "Early Warning" about "the comings and goings of the national security community". The blog's author is bringing attention to the military's current classified operations and efforts to gain more powers domestically.