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AT&T: Collaboration With Bush Administration Will Affect Bottom Line

Showing contempt for the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, Attourney General Alberto Gonzales has defended Bush's domestic spying, maintaining that even communication occurring solely in the US can be tapped with no warrant.

Judge In Moussaoui Case May Allow Public Access to 9/11 Tapes

Since 2001, the US government has tried to keep cockpit recordings from hijacked September 11 flights secret. The official rationale is as follows:

"to protect the National Traffic Safety Board against premature public speculation regarding the cause of any airline crash so it may 'conduct a full and fair investigation.'"

Americablog Gets An Email from the Pentagon: "Link To Us"

The anti-Bush website Americablog got a typo-laden email from the Pentagon today, part of their campaign to influence the content of political blogs and improve the Google page rank, and public perception, of their own propaganda news site (the more sites that link to the Pe

Blogger Discovers FBI File Declaring Him An Enemy of the State

Blogger Doug Thompson of Capital Hill Blue was recently shown an FBI document declaring him to be an enemy of the state:

America's "Quailtards": Islamist Training Camps in Rural America?

A blogger, whose writes under the name Baron Bodissey, is doing an independent investigation into alleged Islamist compounds and training camps in rural Virginia. He is investigating the Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a militant Islamist organization originating in Pakistan.

Solar-Powered Street Cameras Also Give You a Hard Time

The US city of Baltimore, Maryland, has installed street lights with solar-powered cameras mounted on them. The street lights not only take your pictures when near, but they shout a warning when they sense motion: "Stop! We have just taken your photograph. We will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave the area now!". The city is concerned about people stealing the street lights.

Most of Patriot Act Now Permanent

14 out of 16 provisions of the Patriot Act have been made permanent by the US Senate, with relatively minor concessions to opponents of the act. Even after Bush has admitted he is breaking the law to spy on US citizens, only 7 senators opposed the permanent expansion of state power.

Source: Yahoo News

UAE Ports Deal To Close By Monday, Despite Supposed Review

Despite a supposed 45 day review of the deal that could give the United Arab Emirates control over a number of major American ports, the deal, which faces bipartisan condermnation, will apparently close on Monday.

Source: Yahoo News (via AmericaBlog).

Bush and His Supporters Are Traitors: Label Them As Such

Last October, with the tantalizing possibility of the justice system reigning in Bush's power-drunk kleptocracy, it seemed like impeachment was on its way.