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Well, FrogStyle has been going on for a year. We'll have a recap of our first year in a couple of weeks, but now it's vacation time.

Secret Laws in the US?

John Gilmore, one of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation has refused to fly since 2002, when Oakland International Airport told him he must show ID in order to fly, but claimed the law requiring this is secret.

Bush Seeks to Lower the Bar for War Crime Prosecution

The Bush administration is seeking to alter existing US war crimes law to permit degrading and humiliating treatment.

The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

Newt Gingrich Refers to Connecticut Anti-War Protesters as "Insurgency"

Republican strategist and presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich today framed Connecticut anti-war protesters as an "insurgency":
Third, you have what I think is a legitimate insurgency in Connecticut, which needs to be met head on and debated head on, which is people who say this is so hard, it is so frightening, it’s so painful, can’t we come home and hide?

What is Bush Preparing For?

As the congressional elections later in the year could result in the loss of Republican control of Senate and Congress, Bush is making efforts now to push through some very controversial legislation.

Federal Control of the National Guard

9/11 Commission Felt Pentagon Was Lying

The Washington Post has a significant piece today on how the 9/11 commission felt the Pentagon was lying to them about the events of 9/11.

"We to this day don't know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us," said Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. "It was just so far from the truth. . . . It's one of those loose ends that never got tied."

Newt Gingrich Declares World War III

Newt Gingrich, one of America's most influential neo-conservative strategists, was a guest yesterday on NBC's Meet the Press. He referred to the current conflicts in the middle east as World War III:
We're in the early stages of what I would describe as the third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy’s not responding fast enough and we don’t have the right attitude. And this is the 58th year of the war to destroy Israel...

Video Tour of a FEMA Concentration Camp

A narrated tour of a FEMA camp shows where rails run in (allowing trains full of detainees to be brought to the facilitiy), buildings with all windows and doors blocked, and large furnaces. In addition to the FEMA camps that presently exist, Halliburton has a contract to build more on demand, in event of "emergencies".

Fox News Run by Scientologist Leader

What would you say if you found out that a major source of American news is run by a cult leader?

Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox Television Stations, is an OT VIII Scientologist (the highest member level attainable).

FBI Pushing For Legalized Internet Surveillance, Manditory ISP Backdoors

The FBI has drafted legislation that will legalize internet surveillance and require manufacturers of routers to build in backdoors for eavesdropping. The legislation is to be introduced by Republican Senator Mike DeWine.