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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


News 4 A 1
Reich 4.0


Massive Change = Massive Fraud!

Phillip Morris, who "generously" sponsored Bruce Mau's Massive Change project, began operating under another name, Altria Group, after the big anti tobacco hoopla. Altria is the biggest supporter of the Bush administration:

Under the Altria Group is the Philip Morris Capital Corporation:

VOKRA: Animal Advocates or "Cheap Criminals" ?

Frogstyle have come across the document alleging that VOKRA, a Vancouver organization that claims to protect the animals, are in the actual a "gang of thieves" that "will take anything saleable, with healthy and beautiful cats fetching the highest prices."

Organized Religion

I'm thinking about organized religion. I was raised Roman Catholic so I understand organized religion’s power (for instance, why is proper grammar to capitalize "Roman Catholic" but not "organized religion" ?). Organized religion teaches the use of intellect to control the physical. People attracted to it trust their ability to think over their ability to act.

Films for the streets! MTL UPD8 #1

Okay, so you think you know a frogstyles, right? you think so? you think, "oh, them frogstyles, what a bunch of vancouver guys", right?


And worldwide! you never know who is a Frogstyle. !

I shall show you!

SuperFriends of the South!

I think that when people say that the whole New Orleans thing is racist, they are being ignorant and reactioning. George Bush can hang around with whoever he wants to, and that does not make him racist. And maybe he was on a vacation that he liked, on his farm, when Hurricane Katrina hit?

Male Model Mike Explains His Success

Dance Like Hell: Electrocize Edition!

Hans Across America: Mapping the Misdeeds of Great Men

After watching "Legally Blonde" (which is a feelgood movie, certainly worth seeing, about being yourself and how you should not judge blonde people who have good hearts and courage) I lay back on the couch and thought of the nordic splendor of blondness and the name "Hans" entered my mind. What a simple name, evocative of pragmatic fortitudes and even sometimes a strange sensitivity.

Dance Like Hell #3

Dance Like Hell #3 was a bloodbath. At the end the feet were bleeding and there was some tears related to the passion of the dance. We got pictures of the feet but not the tears.

Andy set up a nice sound system which was great because the music was louder and it gave the impression to the guy that showed up to dance that we really were professional and not just playing around you know.

All in all it was quite a dancing time!