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Lady Fight

I know this girl; a woman, actually. She's about half my age, extremely vivacious and confident. She likes me, or did like me until I sent her an angry email.

I find myself thinking about her a lot since that email.

Don't let a genre fool 2 U!

Well, I saw this movie and it was really scary. I couldn't believe how cold and inhuman all these people were! It was no good and it made me barf up. (Well, I just dry heaved cause I had nothing down there to come out.)

Gettin' Old Cont.

Continued from Part 1.

And I'm only 42.

I'll probably live to be at least 75 years old.

So as less and less people are interested in talking to me, my physical existence is going to get more and more constrained and uncomfortable.

Single-Vendor WMD Protection Solution?

I set out to find gear to protect my family from a WMD attack, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. It was hard to find one vendor who would sell everything I needed and the distinctions between the various products were puzzling.

Gettin' Old

Getting old is a crappy thing. I do not like it. Well, I like getting smart and knowledgeable about the way people screw each other, steal and make up stories. Stories what are really lies what we consent to believe unless we stop liking the person. Then the tales or confusion or good intentions become lies. If it goes on, they don't become our friends anymore and are enemies.

50 Horror Classics

I am not one who subscribes to the current madness many people have of purchasing their own DVD libraries. The evidence is everywhere one need only open any paper and find it littered with flyers from Best Buy, Future shop, A&B sound or just about any other major chain you can think of. They all have the same bunch of DVD's for sale "Modern Classics" Spider Man, Con Air, Jumanji, and Bridge over the River Kwai, Pretty Woman and Fist Full of dollars.

Dance Like Hell: A Video!

Experience a magic of Dance Like Hell. Video here!

Samurai Car Stencil Guy!

Well, here we have some Home Style Art. Look at those hands!

Whenever the personality of the artist comes out in the art, U know it is gettin' good. Any body can trace a samurai and put it on their car. But not any body can make hands like these.

The mark of an individual separates the good from the bad in the World of the Arts.

By Malcolm van Delst

For Small Pets Up to 20 Pounds: Pet Stroller

"The ultimate way to take your small dog or pet anywhere you go!"

Big Dark Scary Episode 36

The evening started out in the pressroom with a conspiracy and some random scrawling. We then carried on to the next locale for the essential Vérité collection of cinématèque, grog, golden nectar, and the telling of tales ensued.