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"Design Nerds" Tranform Cars Into Modular Greenspace

The Vancouver Design Nerds are a network of sustainability-minded design folks in Vancouver, Canada. Their latest project, "Car Park", involves showing how cars can be transformed into portable gardens, providing modular greenspace and reversing the role of the automobile in our culture.

FrogStyle happened upon a "Car Park" prototype whilst agitating on a sunny day. Click on the upper-left thumb to see the prototype lookin' so fine.

Billy Holiday

Smoothly crooning with a silky voice.
Summer nights in New Orleans,
ripe with the smell of spicy Cajun food.
The tinkle of ice cubes in tall glasses
of fresh squeezed lemonade.
Trumpets and clarinets playing in unison
with a battered snare drum.
Chocolate brown on midnight black.

Lady Day in your Harlem nights,
singing songs in the house of ill repute.
Obscure speakeasy's and night clubs
were your venues.

Portraits of FrogStyle Correspondent Morley

Below are portraits of FrogStyle correspondant Brent Morley (click to enlarge).

FrogStyle Frands are good 1s 2 have!

Bush and His Supporters Are Traitors: Label Them As Such

Last October, with the tantalizing possibility of the justice system reigning in Bush's power-drunk kleptocracy, it seemed like impeachment was on its way.

FrogStyle Youth!

While taking his child to a high school for some reason, FrogStyle SuperFriend Josh happened upon a row of FrogStyle cards taped to one of the lockers!!! Then he snapped a photo with his camphone!!!

Josh suggested that we reward this Mystery Youth with some sort of prize, which we thought was a fine idea, seeing as the phone includes the locker number (and the school is in our town).

FrogStyle Labs: Poor Man's Dolly Shot

Okay. You are making the first episode of Forest Guys, a show about some friends that "spend time" together in the forest, but you run into the problem.

There is a scene where a character that has gotten conceited (because he found a Walkman) is hanging out by a stream. He is on a dock near the stream thinking of the conflict in nature between virtue and survival. He gets this notion that he wants the camera to smoothly glide up behind him in a dolly shot because he saw a dolly shot in a documentary about the making of The Littlest Hoboes.

North America's Third World Future

North American society is built on a rapidly dissolving foundation.

It was once necessary for North America to have a strong foundation of values so society would be cohesive enough to build a sophisticated economic infrastructure. We were told this infrastructure was a tool of "progress" and we would all benefit from it.

Midnight in the Garden of Beers and History

[Click on any pic to see a bigger version.]

The JTP closed its doors on Dec 29th after pouring beers for over 100 years. I had heard about this closing but it hadn't set in, until once while strolling down West Hastings between Hornby and Howe I noticed its boarded up front. The JTP was certainly a Vancouver landmark, many a stock broker was heard to lament of its closing, as that had been the place to go after a day of trading. Renowned for its comfortable atmosphere, and warm welcome from the regulars, it is no more. It will soon be demolished for yet another condo tower.