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Financial Tomfoolery at Douglas Students Union?

Vancouver's Douglas Student Union has allegedly been subject to financial tomfoolery by management. It seems to be a microcosmic example of North America's renaissance of corruption.

Sign Petition To Recall Canadian Turncoat

As those who follow Canadian politics know, the recent federal election was won by the Conservative Party of Canada, a political party modeled after the Bush-era Republican party.

US Eyeballs Canadian Water

While the scenario of a future global oil crisis gets the most media attention, future competition for water is downplayed. Alternatives to fossil fuels are getting funding and attention, but there is no alternative to water.

The US ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, recently issued a frustrated statement about Canada's reticence to export water:

Health Canada Bans Bextra

The painkiller Bextra has been banned in Canada. Bextra is a cox-2 inhibitor, like Merck's Vioxx (which was pulled from markets last year). Pfizer, who makes Bextra, stopped selling it last April when studfies showed that the drug could cause "potentially fatal skin reactions" (what the HELL?) as well as heart attacks and strokes. Now the only cox-2 left on the market is Pfizer's Celebrex which has a great name but will now find itself under tight scrutiny.

Canadian Election Forced

An effort orechestrated by Canadian neo-conservatives has brought down Canada's government, forcing an election. The Conservative Party of Canada, a party analogous to the US Republican party, joined with two other opposition parties to call for a no-confidence vote in the Liberal government. The Liberals have been significantly weakened by a corruption scandal.

The Conservative Party is run by Stephen Harper, who has a long history in the Canadian neo-conservative movement.

Vancouver's NPA & Sam Sullivan - I'm afraid for my job

I have a problem with going 2 bed at night. Does any body else have this problem? I hate 2 floss. I hate it so much that I will troll around the internets instead of doing it, & going 2 bed. U may say "Malcolm, why don't u just not floss?"

"I don't not floss bcause my toothes get really sore if I don't. I have sensitive gums." That is what I would answer 2 u.

Electoral Fraud Comes to Vancouver

The shell game ... is a gambling game, often used to perpetrate fraud. It is played on a flat surface, and requires three shells (or thimbles, cups, etc.) and a pellet or other small object. One person places the pellet under one of the shells, then quickly shuffles the shells around. The player must decide under which shell the pellet is located. Shell games are a very common confidence trick.

Lord Black Approaches the Guillotine

Conrad Black, a member of the British House of Lords and former poster boy for neo-conservative/neo-feudal ideology, has been indicted for fraud in the United States.

Supreme Stupidity

So here in British Columbia, Canada, we have a "Supreme Court" that ruled it was illegal to read the Harry Potter book. When it got released early by mistake: