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French Population Defeats Age-Discriminating Employment Law

After weeks of massive protests and rioting, the French government has decided to get rid of the "new jobs" law, which would have deprived workers under 26 years old of any protection against wrongful dismissal.

The Jackboot Drops in the Netherlands: The Rise of Nationalism, The Crusade Continues

The Dutch parliament has voted in favour of a proposal banning the traditional headdress worn by Muslim women: the burqa. According to BBC international, only about 50 women in the country wear the full garb. This proposed legislation falls in line with similar laws created in France and Belgium. It would seem the laws are designed with the intention to help Muslims better integrate into society.

UK To Track All Car Movement

The UK is to, in 2006, impliment a system that will track all car movement using a network of video cameras. The cameras will read every passing plate number, storing the information for years and allowing authorities to analyze the information.

Source: The Independent

London Authorities Whitewash London Subway Bombings

The July 7, 2005, subway bombings in London won't be independently investigated. Instead, a "senior civil servant" will weave together the accounts of police and intelligence into a "definitive account". The official narrative will no doubt gloss over the fact that authorities completely failed to predict the attack.

An independent investigation would have accomplished two important things:

Eyeballing Riots in France

Cryptome has a good spread of photos of the rioting in France.

The photo at right shows a Mcdonalds that rioters have smashed into with a car:

Blair Backpedals on Kyoto

Tony Blair is once again following Bush's lead, issuing statements at a London governmental summit that essentially say that economic prosperity is more important than global survival. Blair thinks Kyoto's legally binding emission targets are not "sensitive" enough to economic needs:

The Deity of Dark Cosmic Space

Radovan Karadzic, a Bosnian Serb leader wanted for war crimes and currently in hiding, has released a volume of poetry (a snippet is shown below).

I surmise the sun is wounding me

With its sharp malignant rays

I surmise the stars are healing me

I am the deity of dark cosmic space

A horned cow reveals a faithless goddess

Germany's Shroeder Gets Ousted, Takes Swipe at Bush

German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was one of the few world leaders that had the guts to challenge America's unilateral invasion of Iraq. He has also maintained Germany's social policies, resisting constant criticism from the right.

Former Scottish Police Officer States that Key Lockerbie Evidence Was Fake

The 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (which crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland) killed 270 people. The mainstream explanation for the bombing has been that it was the work of Libyan terrorists. A recent statement by a former Scottish police officer, however, casts doubt on this theory.