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Video of US Soldiers Crushing a Looter's Car With a Tank

This video, an excerpt from a documentary about the Iraq war, shows US soldiers crushing a family's car with a tank after they were caught looting some pieces of wood.

Off-Route Mines: New Insurgent Technology in Iraq

Roadside bombings continue to be one of the Iraq insurgency's most effective tactics against occupying forces. The public perception of the technology used is that it is improvised and crude (FrogStyle has previously featured pictures of IEDs based on artillery shells).

Former US General Denounces Rumsfeld, Calls For Resignation

Paul D. Eton, a former US Army general, has written an op-ed piece for the New York Times calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign (for a great overview of Rumsfeld's role in shaping the war, PBS has an excellent documentary viewable online called Rumsfeld's War).

Botched Offensive the Latest in Iraq War Deceit

Billed the "largest air assault since the Iraq invasion", the US military has been shown to be lying once again. "Operation Swarmer" made the cover of most major newspapers, but it was pure theatre: no shots were fired because there was no enemy to engage. Without an enemy, how can it be called an assault?

Video: A Soldier's-Eye View of IEDs

The Bush administration is planning on spending billions of dollars to defeat improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq, dishing out contract dollars to build special highways. The Pentagon is, however, pessimistic. As countermeasures are developed, the IEDs evolve accordingly.

Gluttons for Punishment: Next Stop, Iran

Iraq had WMD, Iran has nukes.

Iraq was linked to Al-Quaida, Iran is arming the Iraq insurgency.

Civil War in Iraq, Opportunity for Iran

The comparatively low-level sectarian fighting of half a year ago (run-of-the-mill death squads and assassinations) has flared into larger clashes between Shiites and Sunnis. A curfew has been imposed in an attempt to reign in the violence in which 150 people were killed yesterday (including 7 US soldiers and 3 journalists).

British Troops Filmed Beating Iraqi Youths

Britain is investigating a video that recently surfaced. The video was exposed by a UK newspaper and shows British soldiers in Basra beating Iraqi civilians.

IED Pics

These are pictures of an unexploded improvised explosive device (IEDs) deployed by insurgents in Iraq. The first two pics are of an IED derived from what looks like an artillery shell. The third pic is of a blasting cap used for detonation. These were downloaded from a site linked from Cryptome.

Baghdad Sniper Video

This propaganda video (24 megs) by Iraqi insurgents shows footage seldom seen by the world: a snipers-eye view of the US occupation of Iraq.

The footage is believed to be taken by Juba, a notorious Baghdad sniper.