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Hollywood, Teach Me How 2 Fight!

Mike commented on the proliferation, and acceptance, of white collar crime in his article on James Green. I referenced it in my article on the raises the MLA's want to give themselves and the sorry excuse for a legal system that backs up theirs, and anyone else who's willing to play the if-I-don't-do-it,-someone-else-will game of theft from honest, though niave people.

All About The rise of Bush's new enemy, a Article from Africa's 1st Online Newspaper.

Here is a great article bout Chavez & a changing fece of governments in Latin America. Bein' a media kinda lady, I like dis part:

Niki Yan, a new kind of Heroess!

"I need a cheap labor for my pigs, will he be OK with that? I can train him, they are actually very friendly..."

Single-Vendor WMD Protection Solution?

I set out to find gear to protect my family from a WMD attack, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. It was hard to find one vendor who would sell everything I needed and the distinctions between the various products were puzzling.

Peer-To-Peer Microlending

A woman who'd spent years in Africa doing aid work, before retreating from the violence and corruption, once told me that "microlending is the ONLY thing that works". Until now, there has been no way for individuals to directly participate in microlending.

For Small Pets Up to 20 Pounds: Pet Stroller

"The ultimate way to take your small dog or pet anywhere you go!"


For the eco-conscious hitman, there is now lead-free ammunition (via Treehugger):

Safe Car-Driving! A world premiere!

I received an email from a friend I have not met yet. The subject of the email made me curious... "safe car-driving! A world premiere":

We shall present in the IAA Sept.2005 our ELREST as a novel product in the world market as a result of years of research. All ergonomic variables that affect driving have been taken into account in its design.
The present design is suitable for aproximately 75 % of current vehicles.

New Wi-Fi Cameras Could Be a Boon to Activists

Kodak and Nikon will soon launch Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras, allowing photos to be transferred, via wireless networking, to nearby notebooks.