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Beat The Snot Out of Them With Your Weird Table

Here's a piece of furnature for those of you who live in fear, or occasionally have to violently suppress dope-crazed guests. It is a side table that converts into a bat and shield. The only design shortcoming, in my opinion, is the base, which could have been made to function as some sort of helmet. You can't have it all, I guess.

More pics here.

Piercings 4 Hygiene

Here's a piercing that you might actually want your child to have: a tongue piercing made to allow spontaneous oral hygiene. It's a tiny little brush, currently some sickly designer's prototype.

Larger view here.

Burnin' DVDz: A Web of Friendship (PC Version)

Hello there. If you are like me you are Fond of movies. Sure. But you also know the perils of these passion. You rent a movie and then you forget what movie you rented so when you return the wrong one and realize what you have done you have to pay a Fine for Latency. This impacts your odds of survival (O.O.S.), psychologically and financially.

Not Crow Moving, Easy Around!

Well, I know that some of u r now calling me a fraud. I said I would rite about Crow Moving, after Mike and I hired them for our December 15th to January 7th move and I haven't yet.

WonderWash: Non-Electric Laundry Machine

At FrogStyle we are interested in the future. There are a lot of things you can't depend on, but the future will come. You can either try to stroke its leathery skin or kick it in its gnarled hands, but there is no ignoring it. The Laundry Alternative Incorporated is undoubtedly a company that shares this philosophy. They make a number of interesting washing and drying machines, including a unit called the WonderWash!

Speed Laces

As a man of youth I enjoyed the heyday of velcro-laced shoes! This did not last, however, and after the shoes became unfashionable I would, on the odd occasion, happen upon velcro-laced shoes that didn't look clown and I would horde them up.

Biodegradable Feminine Hygiene In Wal-Mart?

A Vancouver, Canada, company has obtained large-scale distribution for its biodegradable feminine hygiene products. Consolidated Ecopress Technology's Flushaways will be available at Wal-Mart and Kmart and are in use by the United States Marine Corps worldwide. Flushaways biodegrade in 28 days.

Press release here.

Animal Slaves Cannot Vote

These English dogs are used for going in where the humans are scared. They have the cameras strapped to their heads so the humans can see what's going on without risking their own lives. So the animals, like the ones with guns, risk their lives, but they cannot vote.

Ebay Brainiacs Bid up to $810 (US) for a Box

Last Monday, a fierce bidding war broke out on eBay, involving ten different bidders, and ultimately raising the price of the lot from it's 99 cents starting bid to $810 (plus shipping), in just over 10 hours. The prize? A cardboard box, which at some point in the recent past, once had an X-BOX 360 in it...

Crow Moving

Where does a people start when describing the fantastic what is "Crow Moving"?! I ask to you?!

They gots a specially made, hand painted logo: