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JavaScrypt: Javascript-Based Encryption

Encryption is, to some, a fascinating thing. To others it is like flossing (in da oral hygiene sense).

It is, at any rate, a necessary thing as the state works to consolidate control over internet service providers and passes "anti-terrorism" laws that help it spy on its citizens.

A handy little browser-based application called JavaScrypt allows you to use your browser to encrypt blocks of text.

Whiteboards Ahoy

Mike here... Yesterday, after working out, I went to an office supplies store. Still "high on health" and caked with filth, I bought a big whiteboard and some markers.

The whiteboard now hangs on my wall. While it is big, it is not fancy. It does not have the fake gold trim that a lot of rap musicians favour when they write their "rhymes" on the board's polished white surface. It has a simple aluminum surface, with clip-on trays for markers and erasers.

A Hello from Malcolm

Well, I am finally getting some actionz going on wit that video I am making.

Building Contractor Specializes in Hidden Rooms and Storage

Creative Home Engineering is a company that "adds value" to homes by "integrating silent, automated hidden passageways".

The video section of their woefully Flash-dependent site features a number of videos and animations of their designs.

My favourite design is animation 4, which features an easy chair with a cushion that lifts up allowing you to slide down a tube into a room below.

Offshore Banking for the Rest of Us

When websites selling offshore banking start looking as if they've been designed by glue-sniffing, preteen hax0rs, it seems likely that the market for these services has finally been commoditized.

Offshore Consultants (Zurich) GmbH offers a relatively cheap way to shirk responsibility as a taxpayer by establishing an offshore account:

FrogStyle Labs: Poor Man's Dolly Shot

Okay. You are making the first episode of Forest Guys, a show about some friends that "spend time" together in the forest, but you run into the problem.

There is a scene where a character that has gotten conceited (because he found a Walkman) is hanging out by a stream. He is on a dock near the stream thinking of the conflict in nature between virtue and survival. He gets this notion that he wants the camera to smoothly glide up behind him in a dolly shot because he saw a dolly shot in a documentary about the making of The Littlest Hoboes.

"Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room"

Well, I just saw this movie: Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room, and I think u should c it 2! Guess where the rolling blackout in California came from a few years ago?! That's write! Enron!

Prosper: An Example of Peer-To-Peer Microlending

Prosper is a web application that provides an example of the possibility of peer-to-peer money lending. Prosper's site is a marketplace for borrowing and lending money. Those looking to borrow put out their request and potential lenders bid on the loan, specifying how much money they're willing to lend and at what interest rate.

Orikaso Folding Plates, Cups and Bowls

Orikaso makes things to eat and drink from that, when not in use, can be unfolded into flat pieces of plastic. This is useful for campings, to conserve space in your sack, or if you want to keep secret things to eat from (that you hide between books on your bookshelf). Snaps are used to keep the things from unfolding while being used.

A Stranger Is Just Some Frand I Haven't Met Yet

Some folks have created a web application to organize couch surfing. How it works is you can register your own couch or search for available couches in various regions. This could be very useful for teenage runaways or when you get scared of the people around you. The website claims to have nearly 50,000 members in over 10,000 cities. Site here.