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The Rendition Game Has Its Perks

Italy has issued a European Union-wide warrant for the arrest of 22 CIA agents wanted for the kidnapping of Italian citizen Abu Omar, a Muslim cleric (it had, in June, issued an warrant valid only in Italy).

Memos Reveal Supreme Court Nominee Alito Supported Domestic Surveillance and Wanted Roe vs Wade Overturned

Samuel Alito, a Bush nominee to the US Supreme Court, supported the right of the state to spy on citizens in a 1984 memo. Alito expressed a belief that government officials, in particular the attorney general, should be immune to lawsuits over approving domestic wiretaps, even without warrants. According to Alito:

UK To Track All Car Movement

The UK is to, in 2006, impliment a system that will track all car movement using a network of video cameras. The cameras will read every passing plate number, storing the information for years and allowing authorities to analyze the information.

Source: The Independent

Fox News Outlet Helps Promote Neo-Nazi Website

Stormfront, a major neo-Nazi website (logo at right), was favourably covered (video here) by a South Carolina Fox News outlet, which referred to their members as "white activists". After a predictable uproar, the accompanying web version of the story was removed.

Here's a snippet:

Right-Wing Bloggers Lying to Defend Bush Spying

In order to defend Bush permitting illegal spying on American citizens, a number of extreme-right blogs are (surprise, surprise) lying.

Bush Broke The Law to Spy on American Citizens

After surviving Plamegate, Bush has landed in another serious legal jam, this time without proxies to take the fall.

Plamegate, in which Lewis Libby was indicted and Karl Rove narrowly escaped, implicated the Bush administration in a breach of national security, but did not implicate him directly. This time, however, Bush has admitted his own involvement in allowing a secret NSA program of warrantless eavesdropping on US citizens.

Health Canada Bans Bextra

The painkiller Bextra has been banned in Canada. Bextra is a cox-2 inhibitor, like Merck's Vioxx (which was pulled from markets last year). Pfizer, who makes Bextra, stopped selling it last April when studfies showed that the drug could cause "potentially fatal skin reactions" (what the HELL?) as well as heart attacks and strokes. Now the only cox-2 left on the market is Pfizer's Celebrex which has a great name but will now find itself under tight scrutiny.

London Authorities Whitewash London Subway Bombings

The July 7, 2005, subway bombings in London won't be independently investigated. Instead, a "senior civil servant" will weave together the accounts of police and intelligence into a "definitive account". The official narrative will no doubt gloss over the fact that authorities completely failed to predict the attack.

An independent investigation would have accomplished two important things:

Second Iraqi Torture Center Found

A second torture center run by the Interior Ministry of the new Iraq government has been found. In the first, discovered last month, 173 prisoners were found, starving and some bearing signs of torture. The second center was found to contain over 600 predominantly Sunni prisoners, some having suffered torture (12 of the torture victims required medical treatment, some with broken bones, two having had their nails ripped out).

Carlyle Group To Develop Law and Order Portfolio?

The notorious Carlyle Group, which financially leverages political instability through investment in defense and related industries, appears to be looking to develop a law and order portfolio.