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News 4 A 1

After Ohio Voting Fiasco, Diebold Considers Leaving the Election Business

A vote in Ohio has to be redone because the touch-screen voting machines used reported more votes than voters.

Sign Petition To Recall Canadian Turncoat

As those who follow Canadian politics know, the recent federal election was won by the Conservative Party of Canada, a political party modeled after the Bush-era Republican party.

Busy Beaver Halliburton Given Budget to Build Concentration Camps in US When Needed

Although FEMA already keeps a network of camps ready for "disaster victims", apparently the Bush administration sees a need for more.

Betty Friedman, author of "The Feminine Mystique" dies

Who was she?
In 1952, she was fired from UE News when she was pregnant with her second child.

The Jackboot Drops in the Netherlands: The Rise of Nationalism, The Crusade Continues

The Dutch parliament has voted in favour of a proposal banning the traditional headdress worn by Muslim women: the burqa. According to BBC international, only about 50 women in the country wear the full garb. This proposed legislation falls in line with similar laws created in France and Belgium. It would seem the laws are designed with the intention to help Muslims better integrate into society.

IED Pics

These are pictures of an unexploded improvised explosive device (IEDs) deployed by insurgents in Iraq. The first two pics are of an IED derived from what looks like an artillery shell. The third pic is of a blasting cap used for detonation. These were downloaded from a site linked from Cryptome.

Secrecy News

The Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy has launched a blog to cover news related to the lack of transparency in the Bush administration.

Site is located here.

Baghdad Sniper Video

This propaganda video (24 megs) by Iraqi insurgents shows footage seldom seen by the world: a snipers-eye view of the US occupation of Iraq.

The footage is believed to be taken by Juba, a notorious Baghdad sniper.

US Eyeballs Canadian Water

While the scenario of a future global oil crisis gets the most media attention, future competition for water is downplayed. Alternatives to fossil fuels are getting funding and attention, but there is no alternative to water.

The US ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, recently issued a frustrated statement about Canada's reticence to export water: