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Bush, Chertoff Shown on Video Being Warned of New Orleans Levee Disaster Possibility

Bush was quoted after the Hurricane Katrina disaster having said "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees".

It's common knowledge that the levee breaches were anticipated, even on the pages of major American publications. As with 9/11, the Bush administration was warned, but fumbled the ball.

The Associated Press have gotten ahold of video showing Bush and Michael Chertoff, Department of Homeland security head, being warned the levees could breach the day before Hurricane Katrina hit.

Bush and His Supporters Are Traitors: Label Them As Such

Last October, with the tantalizing possibility of the justice system reigning in Bush's power-drunk kleptocracy, it seemed like impeachment was on its way.

Civil War in Iraq, Opportunity for Iran

The comparatively low-level sectarian fighting of half a year ago (run-of-the-mill death squads and assassinations) has flared into larger clashes between Shiites and Sunnis. A curfew has been imposed in an attempt to reign in the violence in which 150 people were killed yesterday (including 7 US soldiers and 3 journalists).

International Day of Protest! Jail Da Thugs!

Time for a International Day of Protest an Call for Impeachment, me is thinking:

From Bloomberg (the report has been updated since I snipped this and emailed 2 Mike):
Bush Rejects Calls to Delay Sale of Ports to Dubai (Update3)

Republican Fundraiser Indicted (Again): 53 Felony Counts

Prominent Ohio Republican Thomas W. Noe was indicted today for state charges of theft, money laundering, forgery, and tampering with records. He had previously been indicted for charges at the federal level for money laundering related to the Bush re-election campaign.

Company Makes RFID Implants A Requirement For Job Duties

A surveillance company,, has made accepting an RFID implant a requirement for certain duties.

Emlployees will supposedly not be fired for refusing the implants, but will not be allowed to access the company's data center, creating a barrier to them performing their job duties.

Cheney Shoots Buddy

Facing accusations of having authorized the leaking of classified info, Cheney is a man with Some Problems. If you combine the pressure of being exposed as a traitor type guy with having to hang out with a totally annoying buddy... well... it is possible that some shit can happen.

During a hunting trip, Cheney "accidentally" shot his 78-year-old buddy Harry.

British Troops Filmed Beating Iraqi Youths

Britain is investigating a video that recently surfaced. The video was exposed by a UK newspaper and shows British soldiers in Basra beating Iraqi civilians.

CIA Panty Thief Caught

There's not much I can add to this story, other than that there are Some Problems in the world. :|

US Faces Insolvency With Resolve

With over $8 Trillion in debt, the US government is in technical default. The US is now $5 billion above its national debt "ceiling", the maximum amount of debt the US government is allowed to carry.