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Arrr... The Pirate Bay Returns

The Pirate Bay, the torrent site famous for mocking Hollywood's legal threats, is back online, only days after a police raid in Sweden, executed by approximately 50 officers, confiscated their servers (and the servers of many others at the same datacentre, affecting 200-300 unrelated websites).

Financial Tomfoolery at Douglas Students Union?

Vancouver's Douglas Student Union has allegedly been subject to financial tomfoolery by management. It seems to be a microcosmic example of North America's renaissance of corruption.

This World Towel Day Celebrate the Unlightenment

World Towel Day is coming up. On May 25th the devout will honor dead author Douglas Adams by carrying a towel around with them all day. Of the many uses of a towel, one stands out:

USA to Interfere With EFF vs AT&T/NSA Wiretapping Case

The EFF is suing AT&T over its eavesdropping on US citizens, on behalf of the NSA, through the use of Narus boxes.

Narus: Big Brother's Little Helper

Here is an amazing breakdown, via the Daily Kos, of technology sold by Narus, whose gear is used by AT&T to help the NSA spy on Americans. One Narus box can apparently monitor 39,000 DSL connections.

French Population Defeats Age-Discriminating Employment Law

After weeks of massive protests and rioting, the French government has decided to get rid of the "new jobs" law, which would have deprived workers under 26 years old of any protection against wrongful dismissal.

AT&T: Collaboration With Bush Administration Will Affect Bottom Line

Showing contempt for the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, Attourney General Alberto Gonzales has defended Bush's domestic spying, maintaining that even communication occurring solely in the US can be tapped with no warrant.

C.R.U.S.H. 2006: The Case of the Missing Election Results

Correspondant Brent Morley, as some know, is running in the Vancouver Douglas College elections as part of the C.R.U.S.H. slate.

It has been a very close election and the votes have apparently been counted.

Strangely, however, no results have been released.

Judge In Moussaoui Case May Allow Public Access to 9/11 Tapes

Since 2001, the US government has tried to keep cockpit recordings from hijacked September 11 flights secret. The official rationale is as follows:

"to protect the National Traffic Safety Board against premature public speculation regarding the cause of any airline crash so it may 'conduct a full and fair investigation.'"

DHS Official Charged With Internet Pervin'

Brian J. Doyle, A US Department of Homeland Security deputy press secretary, was charged with getting too friendly, via the Internet, with a 14-year-old girl. The "girl" was actually an undercover detective working for Polk County.

Doyle, who has numerous sexy conversations with the "girl" and sent her pornographic files, faces a charge of transmission of harmful material to a minor.