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What is Bush Preparing For?

As the congressional elections later in the year could result in the loss of Republican control of Senate and Congress, Bush is making efforts now to push through some very controversial legislation.

Federal Control of the National Guard

Celebration of Lights!

Photos, by FrogStyle's own Brent Morley, of Vancouver's 2006 Celebration of Light:

The Buntzen Bleeder, Oh no I forgot my camera, Beware the Orc

It was a sunny green day; we decided to go out to Buntzen Lake for a hike. We arrived around 2:00 and were in high spirits. The plan was to hike in to see the sites and start hiking back by 7:00, to be at the car for 8:30-ish, and to beat the gate closure at 9:00. We parked the car and started the hike.

Electric Car Technology is Here: So Why Wait For Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

I just saw the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? last night. I'll spare you a full review, but I would strongly recommend seeing this movie as it illustrates that alternatives to conventional gas guzzlers, in the form of electric cars and hybrids, exist right now.

1984 Realized: Bush Executive Order Will Bypass Media With Orwellian Broadcast System

President Bush has issued an Executive Order which will allow him to utilize public and private communication infrastructure to directly communicate his ideas to America.

Malcolm interviews Mike about the proposed EAS

The order creates the Emergency Alert System (EAS) which will replace existing alert systems, allowing the administration to "ensure that under all conditions the President can communicate with the American people". Mention of the existing "Emergency Broadcast System" will be replaced with the new term "Emergency Alert System".

What this means is that George Bush, like "Big Brother" in Orwell's 1984, will be able to bypass media criticism to push forward his agenda.

Bikearts Youtube Group

That YouTube thing sure is something else... a veritable fondue of video.

There are countless videos of teenage girls screaming along to things, a group called hotballlust (which features men getting kicked around), and... bikes!

FrogStyle has started a video group called bikearts to feature videos about pedal-powered livin', lovin', and fightin'. Share up your videos of cycling exploits, experimental rides, and biking actions with the mystical multimedia melting pot what is a Youtube massive.

Internet Treasures: Banned, Or Otherwise Dubious, Testaments to Unlikely Empires

There's a lot to read on the internets, but, if you're like me, it's hard to always find something good.

There's only so much My Little Pony slash fiction one can read before a quiet sadness seeps into your day.

So here I present to you some of my favourite books of the internet. Some of them are banned, but all of them contain lessons about the construction of unlikely empires.

Addicted To Hate, By Jon Michael Bell

Kingdom of Loathing Shut Down

The administrators of the successful multiplayer online game Kingdom of Loathing have been forced to call it quits due to rising bandwidth and administration costs and, a minor but contributing factor, pressure from American neo-prohibitionist organizations.

A Secure Computing Solution

For any who care, here's a relatively easy method for secure communications:

Four Generations of Bush Family Arms Industry Involvement

George W. Bush lied to lead America to war and, in the process, is making a lot of money for his network.

Most people don't know how far the Bush tradition of working in government, while having arms industry interests, goes.