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I’m unhappy because I have no will power. I get up in the morning, read my email, check Facebook, check my three Twitter accounts – post a notice for the conference I’m organizing - check my email again…

I think about all I have to do…

Work out, the dishes, bit of work for one client, bit of work for another…

Brush my teeth…

The brushing of the teeth is the killer, each morning and night – do you believe that a 45 year old woman has trouble getting up in the morning and going to bed at night because she hates brushing her teeth? It’s true.

Brushing teeth is boring. My life is filled with boring and no – IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!

What is my fault is not standing up for what I need: abandoning writing, abandoning photography, abandoning video-making…

Abandoning my siblings... I should not have shut down when I was eighteen. I should not have let my Mother kill my spirit. I should have continued to fight her.. But I was on the edge of sanity!

Imperfection: my New BFF

I realize now that it is my destiny to be unhappy! Oh, what a release to accept this! I do not need to strive for happiness – it’s all bollocks anyway! Dyed, straightened hair, French tips, tanned perfection – tis not me. Not at all!

I’m imperfect: big gap between my front teeth, nose that is almost African in it’s roundness and lips that could definitely be African in origin!* No ass. Naturally inward pointing toes and the horrid bunions that my Mom had! Imperfection: a glorious, individual blight on the form of accepted (mostly white, upper class defined) female beauty. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and fair – so close - but for the unsightly gap, obscene feet and narrow hips, I’d be a Great Beauty. So close – yet so fucking gloriously far!

Oh, and let’s not get into the brains thing. Ewwww! A pet who’ll put you in your place. Women look shitty with glasses anyway.

Learning to See Lies

If you grow up poor, you are going to grow up very sensitive to lies. At some point, as you're trying to better yourself, you may blame yourself thinking that if you see lies and liars everywhere, it's because you lie and are a liar (birds of a feather and all), but this is not necessarily so.

You see lies everywhere because you grew up a lie. The mainstream - middle and/or upper classes that control media/communications - do not want your reality - your exploitation because you are an immigrant, minority or whatever - acknowledged. Your life is ignored, avoided, and whitewashed; unmentioned in discussions of economies, politics, culture, etc.. In essence, your life and your family's and neighbours' lives are lies, but you all know that they are not. You learn to see lies everywhere.

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The Pain Will Soon Pass

The pain will soon pass because I will it to pass. That is, I recognize that a life without pain is more valuable than a livelihood that it hurts to pursue; therefore, I will pursue a livelihood that doesn’t hurt – a livelihood that increases my health, even. It’s one thing to have financially rewarding, somewhat socially and spiritually rewarding work, but another entirely to have financially, socially and spiritually rewarding work.

In the past, I’ve pursued spiritually and socially rewarding work - together and apart; however, it’s always been at the expense of Demon Money. It’s time to bring them all together. Demon, meet Saint; Saint, meet Demon.

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Where is My Mother?

Sadness. The only constant. The only thing I can count on. Where does it come from? Why can’t I kill it?

I have incredible friends, an incredible partner and rewarding work. Is it hereditary?

My mom was the same, and probably my dad. My sister? Yep. My brothers? Probably my two oldest ones. I don’t know the two youngest ones well enough to say positively; however, they seem happier than the rest of us. They had the benefit of being born 5 and 10 years, respectively, after the cluster of the four oldest. My mom was a bit happier by then. Perhaps the end was in site. She could see that she was finally going to leave the farm.

The miserable, lonely, pristine and haunted homestead. My father’s life's work built on my mother’s strength and connections. The screaming success my mother would have no part of because women are the servants of men. Or so she believed. Or so she tried to believe.

OMG, finally rethemed!

half-built-houseLooks better than the half built house on the overrun lot that it's been for the last year, no?

Srsly, I'm not sure how much this site will grow, but at least its a prettier corpse.

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Cynicism is, to some extent, a form of utilitarian filtering. Contracting your beliefs, you filter out things that you see as likely to lead nowhere strategically, and focus on the practical. This filtering can help you accomplish more because it narrows the scope of your existance. It can also kill your creativity because you're effectively removing yourself from the inspiring and informative compost heap of evolutionary participation. At the root of cynicism is a lack of faith in the evolutionary process. You may accomplish more, but very likely more of the same.

Openness, alternatively, connects one to the process of evolutionary collective computation. The quality of the connection is dependent on personal development.

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Eric S. Raymond, a longtime personality in the open source software realm, is famed for many things.

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