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Canada's CBC Network Wants A Disposable Workforce

The CBC, Canada's public television and radio network, is yet another public institution that is being reengineered by neoconservative idealogues. 5,500 employees have been locked out, leaving non-union members of CBC's workforce to maintain programming.

Champions of Reality

"Cosplay" (aka "costume play"... when fans of anime and manga dress up as their favourite characters) has spawned some special creations!

"Happy Sabrina" is a fine site for when you get sad. The person in the photos is, according to some, a mans!

Using Open Source Software to Police the Police

The police guys of Vancouver are not always nice. A few years ago there were a lot of ladies what were disappearing, over 50, and they did no thing, only changed the guy who was Chief Police. Then the new chief started a crackdown on drugs in Vancouver's poorest area and, as a result, the drugs merely moved to more affluent areas.

Dance Like Hell #3

Dance Like Hell #3 was a bloodbath. At the end the feet were bleeding and there was some tears related to the passion of the dance. We got pictures of the feet but not the tears.

Andy set up a nice sound system which was great because the music was louder and it gave the impression to the guy that showed up to dance that we really were professional and not just playing around you know.

All in all it was quite a dancing time!