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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


News 4 A 1
Reich 4.0

Audio-Only Shooter Game

a.Shooter, by a.Game, is a first person shooter. The game is played in a "virtual room" defined by panorama, pitch and volume. The game is freely downloadable so go to have some fun!

Lose A Child, Get a Gold Star

In response to the anger of mothers who have lost children in Bush's Iraq War, Bush issued a proclamation making September 25, 2005 "American Gold Star Mothers" day.

Organized Religion

I'm thinking about organized religion. I was raised Roman Catholic so I understand organized religion’s power (for instance, why is proper grammar to capitalize "Roman Catholic" but not "organized religion" ?). Organized religion teaches the use of intellect to control the physical. People attracted to it trust their ability to think over their ability to act.

Animals With Guns

When I was young I dreamed of revenge for the animals. You can only bully someone for so long! The animals would roam the streets with guns strapped to their backs, their little mouths holding string tied to the trigger... always watching the people, the cruel bastards, and excersizing their animals wills to decide life or death of all.

A Nun's Story

Here is the testimony of a lady who entered a Carmelite convent when she was thirteen or fourteen, and left, escaping over a gate and breaking some limbs in the process, when she was about 35. The story is on a radical Christian site, but the testimony includes stories of systematic rape, baby killing and torture.


For the eco-conscious hitman, there is now lead-free ammunition (via Treehugger):

Is the Bush Administration Planning For a Military Coup?

The Washington Post is publishing an interesting blog called "Early Warning" about "the comings and goings of the national security community". The blog's author is bringing attention to the military's current classified operations and efforts to gain more powers domestically.

Corruption and Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

Thing look increasingly bleak in Iraq as terrorism continues unabaited and infighting between Sunnis and Shias grows.

According to the Sunday Times:

Eyeballing Katrina Dead

Cryptome has a small assortment of the kind of pictures the US goverenment doesn't want media to take. Luckily, even mainstream media such as Time Magazine are ignoring the Bush administration's attempt at press censorship.

Circuit Bending Little B

Innovation in toy design to new height: Emperor George II. An enterprising lady or man turns a Little Bush doll into an instrument for sound, using a light sensor to affect playback speed of Bushisms. Switches, jacks, and tattoos are placed in the appropriate areas. MP3s of the resulting kinderspiel available for download.
George got a tattoo after he was "elected" to thank his Dad for getting him a really neat job.