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Massive Change = Massive Fraud!

Phillip Morris, who "generously" sponsored Bruce Mau's Massive Change project, began operating under another name, Altria Group, after the big anti tobacco hoopla. Altria is the biggest supporter of the Bush administration:

Under the Altria Group is the Philip Morris Capital Corporation:

Solar/Pedal-Powered Water Treatment

"Moving Water Industries" offers a snazzy solar-powered water treatment system (with pedal-powered backup) that can pump 10,000 liters of water per day. You can get water from it just by opening the tap. For those days or nights where the sun is not going on, you can draw from its 85 gallon storage tank.

What are you waiting for? Survive so well!

Hang 'Em High

Things aren't going so well for the Bush administration these days.

US Marines Use Craigslist to Recruit

New York Marines have found a new way to recruit: using Craigslist. Oh joy. As Wonkette puts it, "m4m, must be over 18, willing to travel, kill people".

Why is Bush Promoting Martial Law?

The Bush administration has been conspicuously working to acclimatize people to the idea of martial law.

Bush Appoints Unqualified, Pro-Life Crony to Supreme Court

Bush, unfazed by the carnage wrought by underqualified crony Michael Brown (of FEMA misdirection fame), has done it again. Harriet Miers, a longtime friend and adviser to Bush, has no experience as a judge, but is being appointed by Bush to the Supreme Court.

H.E.L. on Earth

Raytheon Technologies, a huge American military contractor, has brought us yet another great new weapon to help achieve air superiority. The new air-to-air anti-missile system H.E.L. (high energy laser) is designed to shoot down incoming missile fire at light speed. The new unit is affixed to the under side of the brand new F-22 Raptors and is about the size of a jukebox.

VOKRA: Animal Advocates or "Cheap Criminals" ?

Frogstyle have come across the document alleging that VOKRA, a Vancouver organization that claims to protect the animals, are in the actual a "gang of thieves" that "will take anything saleable, with healthy and beautiful cats fetching the highest prices."

Cheney's Chief of Staff Implicated in Plame Leak

The Valerie Plame affair is yet another example of the Bush administration's willingness to jeopardize American security for political gain. Now it is revealed that a second staff member was involved in the leak.

The Slow and Steady Gutting of FEMA

As Michael Brown gets pummelled by the investigation into FEMA's Louisiana failure, Government Executive magazine has an interesting article about FEMA misspending and the Bush administration's slow and steady gutting of the agency.