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Act, Structure - Bitch Break

So Miss Dara tells met that a traditional screenplay has 3 acts. The first act sets up the conflict; the second, intensifies the conflict and the third, resolves (gulp!) the conflict.

We begin with an “inciting incident”. In our case that would be the absolute boredom our heroine feels for life: she fucking hates it. She’s putting one beautiful foot in front of the other. She’s Cinderella. She hasn’t my bunions. She hasn’t my skinny, long toed feet. She has beautiful, unbony feet. The kind of feet you might want to suck if you were that kind of person. She sighs.

The man. Hm.

Hi. Yah, it’s been a few days – I wasn’t scattered however, just busy. I’ve got to bring home my bacon and that will probably come from things other than this story, as much as I enjoy writing it.

Tonight, I can’t sleep. Blessing? My missed writing days have been weighing on me. And I have been busy and productive, shooting and cutting videos, meeting people and getting all confident and everything. Learning that idols are dumb, that looking up to people is dumb – scratch that – learning that being intimidated by people is dumb. People are just people. Some seem more successful but generally, they are just different: different backgrounds, different sets of circumstances. What looks like success is generally just different and you never know what other crap they’re dealing with, or not dealing with.

This leaves me in a weird place. If I have no one to look up to, what do I do?

I have neighbors that are driving me nuts. Both of them work from home, which is right above my poorly insulated apartment. They are actors and film producers. They are never not “on”. Their conversations seem to be meant for others to hear and when they talk on cellphones… Oh my god. Tonight I learned that the dude reads/talks outloud when he works in his office above my bedroom/office so in essence, they are with me anytime I am at home. I’d turn up my music to drown him out right now but can’t, because that would wake up my partner in the next room.

I don’t know why I find this so distracting. My self-development books tell me to look closely at things that make a big impact on me, whether that impact is good or bad. Why does this drive me nuts? Do I wish to be the loud actors/producers? Do I wish to be broadcasting my life to my unfortunate… readers?

Yah, but that’s why I write – so I don’t have to bother/bore/drive the people around me away. I write to be nice: put my shit here so I don’t put it on the neighbors.

That’s noble, isn’t it?

So how do I deal with the dread I feel every time I approach my home now?

Our landlords told us that they were only leaving for a year – two years and three months ago. Now they say that they will be back in nine months. (If they don’t come back in nine months, they probably will not be coming back because their teachers’ sabbaticals will have run out.) I guess I can ask the neighbors what the landlords told them: if they told the neighbors that they are not coming back, we can safely start looking elsewhere to live right now.

The landlords, by the way, are quiet teachers who took great care of the beautiful old English garden-style yard and two apartment house. Since they left, nothing gets looked after. We had rats in the ceiling last winter.

I guess asking the neighbors what the landlords told them is a good first step. But what if the landlords told them they are coming back next August too? Then, I suppose, I have to decide whether the hassle of looking for a new place and moving is worth the time.

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    Those seem like neighbors from hell. They are just doing their job so you can't hate them now can you? haha. I'm sorry. Maybe they would be willing to switch floors with you?


    Thanks for the interesting post! Very Refreshing start for you!

    Nice Start on the Screenplay

    This sounds like your off to a good start. It kind of has a set up like Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert - a story about a woman trapped in a society that did not understand her, a very psychologically moving portrait. I write screenplays and do freelance work. Keep up the good work and don't worry the bacon will come to you some how, just work hard!

    Got caught in between the lines!

    Hi! Thanks for your lovely posts. This line certainly caught me thinking: "..What looks like success is generally just different and you never know what other crap they’re dealing with, or not dealing with..", and i came to realize that it is true indeed. We might be looking up to people because we see that they've accomplished much, or they're in a better position(something that we wanted for ourselves), but failed to see the issues they're dealing with, like us.

    Arts are beauty

    The arts which covers us with a happy moment will makes our mind peace. since there are lots of things in a single art it tells us more and more things to describe.

    Re:Arts are beauty

    Yes I am totally agree with you my friend as I also love to play guitar in my free time & whenever I feel sad I just play my guitar & I totally forget my all worry's.

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