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Ok, so I’ve got a bit more lost than usual? Yah – went down the internal rabbit hole, let myself get caught up in detail. It’s also hard to maintain balance. That beautiful blissful feeling of confidence and calm, knowing this is about me and for me.

Again, it has gotten hard to write, when things are going well. But I feel I have to keep writing. I cannot abandon it again.

Lalalalala. Writin’! It’s good to keep a journal. A woman I know said that if you want to create self-directed media, get a blog but that if you want to write vanity press get a livejournal. I argued with her, asking her if she didn’t consider all media to be vanity press.

Think about it: who makes the news? The big, strong thugs of the world and the shrewd, brilliant, ruthless intellectuals who partner with the thugs, no? And we hear the stories of current events and history from their point of view, not from the point of view of the ten year old illiterate slaves. Media IS vanity press.Think about Kim whatever his name is in North Korea. Or Thailand, where news is basically what the leader did that day. These are extremes, sure, but that’s what media is, all around the world. Yeah.

But I am lazy. I should get back to the Chernobyl story. Maybe I can add some happy elements? Maybe I can make characters that are mushrooms: characters that have found this awesome, glowing energy source that is feeding them, letting them grow and have massive families and communities, keeping them safe from their natural predators because nothing, not even animals come near the reactor core because of the phenomenon of making your hair stand on end that is a property of radioactivity? Like, animals won’t approach the core anymore than humans will because their fur stands on end and they know something is not quite right, and unhealthy about the vicinity of the dead reactor?

OMG, did you know that the other three reactors were kept working until 2000?! It’s true. And that many people like living in Slavutych, 45 kilometres from the abandoned Pripyat, because the standard of living is higher there than in the rest of the Ukraine? Slavutych was built to house the inhabitants of Pripyat, which was evacuated after the Chernobyl meltdown. One third of its current inhabitants are children.

The world is so full of freaky things. After reading about Chernobyl it hardly seems the horrible disaster it was made out to be. The mushrooms are thriving! There is tons of vegetation in the area; it’s just that people are advised not to live there, nor eat food and animals living in the area – the Zone of Alienation – even though there are about 400 people who do live there. Most of these people are elderly Ukrainians who refused to leave after the accident. They grow and eat their heavily radiated food, probably washing it down with copious amounts of alcohol, which acts as protection from radiation poisoning. Even before Chernobyl, an alarmingly high percentage of Ukrainian men – 38% - drank to levels we in the west would call heavily alcoholic. About half the people living in the Zone of Alienation live in Chernobyl, the town close to the Chernobyl power plant but not the town where the plant workers lived. You can see how people who had lived there before the plant would be reluctant to leave. Where does an elderly person go in the Ukraine? What do they do? It’s a relatively poor country.

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