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Poetry and Mushrooms

Chernobyl, Chornobyl, Black Stalks. Black Grass. Where you doomed from the beginning, dear Cher Noble? Are you noble, land that suffered – did you suffer? Or did you laugh as the two-legged animals built their energy machines, knowing you were indestructible, while they were not?

Did you laugh as they brought workers to the plant? Did you remember the famines of Stalin, the killings of the Nazis? Did you shake your large, fertile head, knowing that the life you made would go on – 100 years, give or take a few, being a blip, a micro-second, in your eternity? Did you know that you would continue, pushing up the black mushrooms to shroud the reactor? The Cryptococcus neoformans?

Mushrooms - mostly from Paul Stamets' TED Talk

  • 6 major extinctions on the planet
  • if all micro-organisms could vote, would humans be voted on or off the planet? (that vote is happening now.)

  • mycelium holds all soil together
  • there is a multi-directed transfer of nutrients via mushrooms
  • mushrooms grow fast
  • produce strong antibiotics
  • super kingdom that unites humans with mushrooms
  • mycelium inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide
  • they are external lungs and stomachs
  • earth’s natural internet
  • highly branched – there are alternate routes to send nutrients
  • sentient – knows that you are there – leaps up after you step, trying to grab debris
  • fungi were first organism to come to land, 300 billion years ago
  • they crumble rocks, to make soil
  • Prototaxites was a giant fungus that lived billions of years ago
  • After 65 billion years ago, astroid hit earth, cutting off light. Mushrooms inherited earth
  • Fungi use radiation as a source of energy – they don’t need light
  • 2200 acres in size, 2000 years old is a mycelium one cell thick
  • 4 piles saturated with diesel and oil wastes
    • one pile saturated with mushrooms
  • became covered with oyster mushrooms
  • sporialated, with attracted insects, which attracted birds, who brought seeds
  • other piles remained dark and stinky
  • burlap sacks filled with mushrooms put downstream of polluted areas
  • mushroom that grows in old growth forest
  • flu viruses: agaracon mushrooms are
  • save the old growth forest as a matter of national defense

  • melanin (the same melanin found in human skin) plays the roll of chlorophyl in the 'radiosynthesis' of mushrooms.

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