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I can see that if I want to actually finish this novel, I’m going to have to write a more comprehensive outline because I won’t want to read what I wrote the night or weeks before each time. It’s just not practical.

So, let's work up the exceedingly bare outline I have. To start, this is what I now have:

1. Theme: my identity as a depressed, lonely, lost and confused woman (I’ve had enough of the Capitals – I hope we get it that I’m a bit gauche.)
2. Rule: fiction, and
3. Characters (3): the toad, the man and the alien.

Location: Chernobyl

I guess I could start by describing Chernobyl. That would be fun too, because I would enjoy researching it. I could write about the black mushrooms growing all over the reactor and work some of the stuff that TED talk guy speaks about. Apparently, there's a fascinating 20 minute talk about how cool and useful mushrooms are. But this would only be – well, it could be quite a few pages if I described Chernobyl before the accident, the accident and the aftermath. And I could describe what happened to the man’s family, and how the aliens came to the area and their connection with radioactivity (or not – perhaps, I should research aliens too: aliens in fiction and aliens in real life. I believe aliens exist. There’s too much weirdness around Nasa for them not to exist. So perhaps, my research would have me rework the aliens and their connection to radioactivity/Chernobyl.)

I wonder if I should continue to commit to writing 500 words per night? I’m hesitant to give it up because when you start changing the deliverables, you start losing focus. On the other hand, some research would make a much tighter story. I don’t have time to do the research outside this hour or so per night I give myself, however. I suppose I could research for half an hour then write my ass off. That might work. The research is going to give me fascinating facts that will raise the caliber of my story, even if my writing is not so shit-hot. (Like it’s so shit-hot now, without cramming it into a shorter time period.)

(I actually already write pretty fast. This is a form of therapy – I think – um, I guess it’s something to look forward to; something that makes my life worthwhile – maybe it’s just my identity? And that’s why it’s so great, even if it’s not something I want to - well, I suppose if I could make a living doing what I’m doing right now, I’d be a pretty happy Depressed, Lonely, Lost and Confused person! I’d probably have to do speaking tours also. Wow! I’d love to do a speaking tour!)

Anyway, I think it’s good to stay focused on the 500 words per night procedure for now, but research, and building up the novel’s outline are definitely good methodologies also.

So I could describe Chernobyl before the accident, the accident and the aftermath, the things that happened to the man’s family, how the aliens came to be in the area, the toad’s story arc – what the fuck, the toad, what’s it’s reason for existing in this novel?! – and the main plot: what happens to the man, the toad and the alien? What’s the point of telling this story? Is there a climax? Is the climax anti-climatic?

Originally I wanted a non-climatic story but maybe that’s not the way to go. Maybe a story where something actually happens is easier to write?

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