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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


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The Alien

All right, so I’ve got:

1. A theme: My Identity as a Depressed, Lonely, Lost and Confused Woman.
2. A rule: Fiction, and
3. Three characters: the Toad, the Man and the Alien.

I guess I have a location, also: Chernobyl.

The Alien

The Alien was lonely. Her work took her to areas of the galaxy far from her home on Thula. She hadn’t in fact, seen her brothers and sister in years. She longed to go home, to feel the comfort of being understood and accepted; loved, even, without having to work for it. She missed seeing the familiar faces – her sister who people often mistook for her, and her gorgeous brothers. The girls in high school loved her brothers: she didn’t quite get it, but they really, really, really loved all of her brothers. Her sister was popular too, in that bad girl way, but she was not. She was an “awk” (slang for “awkward”).

So here she was in Chernobyl, looming around the way ghost-like aliens do, taking photographs with her biological camera, making notes on the landscape, vegetation and animal life, the climate, etc. At night, she repaired to her motorhome, which was in fact, a lot like the motorhomes we all have and/or are familiar with, except that hers was encased in a jelly-like substance several meters thick. This substance expanded when the vehicle traveled through space. It insulated its inhabitants from lack of gravity, fluctuations in temperature and air pressure, and debris, among other things. She entered her motorhome by rubbing the jelly-like substance. It could recognize her and allowed her through, to the door, which she could open or pass right through. Mostly, she would open the door to enter. Passing through was considered gauche, like talking loudly or leaving your shoes on in the house. She was not a gauche Thulian.

I want to describe her camera a bit because it is quite unusual. It’s built into her physiognomy. She puts her hand up, facing the thing she wants to photograph and sees through the back of her hand, through a pale, soft plastic-y, translucent screen, the image she is about to photograph. The camera “lens” is on the front of her hand, but you don’t see a lens: it’s just ghostly alien hand for all intents and purposes. You don’t even see the viewfinder from the front of her hand, even though the hand is translucent. That’s right: if you are facing the hand, even when she is photographing, you see through her hand while from the back, you see the viewfinder and the photo that is about to be taken. When she has the shot she wants, she simultaneously clenches her hand into a fist and pulls it slightly backwards, as if grabbing something. She can review and edit the photos she takes by staring at her third eye and raising her hand. She makes a sort of circular motion with her index finger to bring up the images. She can move the photos left and right, zoom in and out, rotate them and crop them by using her index finger and thumb, a bit like using an ipod. To save her work she touches her index and second fingers to her thumb and flicks them away from each other. To move from one photo to the next, or to quickly tab through photos, she holds her index and second fingers together, then makes a sort of circular motion, flicking her fingers faster to tab through quickly.

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