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All right. That was a decent start to my story, wasn’t it? Chernobyll is a good setting and the man is an interesting character. The alien, she’s not so well “fleshed” out, haha: ghostly, moving into the man’s body and directing him around when he’s not capable of it. She’s like a Catholic wife. Or a Muslim wife, if the caricature I saw on Saturday Night Live has any validity.

I always assume that men do not have the emotional need for a female, the way women feel a need for a man. Actually, part of a woman’s need for a man is just needing the stronger being, socially and financially. Men glom together. Sometimes I get the impression that they’d all prefer to be gay to straight, but don’t go there because it would upset some sort of balance among their buddies - that they are all afraid it would freak out their buddies, and that their buddies would then stop being friends with them, so they don’t make the gay overtures and instead find nice, docile, nice-to-look-at women to keep house and fuck.

Women, on the other hand, are isolated by childcare. They don’t go to offices where they all bring their offspring and raise them together. They stay alone, in houses, with their kids and perhaps with grandmothers and aunts, but not with un-blood-or-marriage-related friends. They don’t “work” with other women. It’s a shame really. If moms had “offices” to which they brought their children and worked together to raise them, the result should be extremely powerful mom corporations.

Unfortunately, an extremely powerful mom corporation would result in a fine little nest of future world leaders, perhaps. If you were the enemy of the country or community a particular mom corporation was in, you could just bomb the shit out of the strongest, most elite mom corporations in that country or community and kill your enemy’s entire future.

Oh, but armies don’t attack children or schools. Man, I guess peoplism does have some dignity and conscience, eh? So mom corporations could work.

What would they look like? The moms would get together to discover the best baby foods, educational systems and toys? They’d probably also work on their hair, bodies, makeup and wardrobes, much to the dismay of the men – or maybe not.

Why are there no mom corporations? It’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it? Is it because we cannot afford the space? We have schools – why not just create meeting places for moms starting at an earlier age of childcare?

I guess at first, the women are all tired from having to get up every few hours to feed their young. But that passes by at least six months. Why don’t moms band together not only to share resources, but to work as a team? They could even clean houses and/or decorate together. They could set up organizational systems for kitchens and home mom corporation offices; they could streamline laundry and simple home repair operations. Hell, they could probably take on larger home repair tasks!

Why are there no mom corporations, why?!

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