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The Toad, the Man and the Alien

TadpolesAlright then:

My Identity as a Depressed, Lonely, Lost and Confused Woman.

I’ve chosen a rule: I’m going to write fiction. There is much more freedom there: I can make up physics, biology and ethics rules. I can make up belief systems.

So I will create an outline. I’ll create the characters: write outlines of their personalities and motivations.

Then I’ll fill in these personality and motivation descriptions with actions, history and background. Each character will become a compassionate person for the reader, even though the reader will desperately, desperately want to side with one or another of the characters. I will never allow it. My story will be agony to read because you will want to hate someone, but you won’t be able to.

Character 1: a toad. A toad in Chernoybll. The toad is the 2nd or 3rd generation of toad after the nuclear power plant exploded.

Character 2: a human. A man who survived the blast, still alive, 100 years after it. It seems that anything that survived the blast lived. But they had to go into hiding from the authorities who felt that anyone who lived was a danger to other humans because of the radiation they harbored, and shot them. Now there were rumors of strange timeless beings that inhabited Chernoybll. These rumors are true.

This character gets sick a lot. He has nightmares. He thinks he had a family at one time, but can’t remember.

Character 3: an alien. The aliens saw what happened and feel pity for Character 2. There is one who is especially kind to Character 2. This alien is like Character 2’s guardian angel. The aliens were kind of checking out things around our planet when they “saw” the Chernobyll explosion. They’ve stayed in the Chernobyll area ever since.

He picked at the sores on his arms. The sores that were not really sores anymore; more like more orifices that had no purpose. They never healed. The blood clotted but the coating was thin and broke often. The sores covered his body; I mean, they did not cover his body completely so that no normal skin was visible, but that they were scattered across his body in clumps. There would be a denser middle area of sore that got less and less dense the further you moved away from it. These were everywhere. The itch was so constant that he didn’t notice it anymore. However, he had jerky, uncontrollable movements. And was probably a lot dumber than he might be if he wasn’t distracted by the discomfort of his condition. He was a lot like an animal, actually.

The alien invaded him. She helped him get through his daily routines and in many ways guided him without his awareness. She did this because she saw what happened and felt for the human. He was good. He worked hard to help his family and friends. He was well-liked.

She hadn’t known him before the blast but could read the marks left on his body. It was one of the alien’s skills. They did not know themselves why they could read so much about the pasts of the Chernobyll victims. It made them stay, even though the area was abandoned and desolate. They wanted to find out why they could read the humans' pasts.

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