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Derrick JensenI heard Derrick Jensen speak the other night. Wow, the truth is mega depressing, isn’t it? I mean, Jensen’s right, no? We’ve got some major thieves, criminals and murderers – sociopaths – leading us. How the hell did that happen? And they’re going to destroy not only our homes but our food supplies. What the hell? They must realize what they are doing. Is that why the top 1% or whatever’s net worth has risen by 94% over the last ten years while everybody else’s has nose-dived? Are they stockpiling for an apocalypse that they are bringing on? Or is the apocalypse inevitable?

Will there actually be an apocalypse? I mean, I lived through the Great Gas Shortage of the 70’s and the Cold War, where nuclear annihilation was ever present. Yet here we are.

The disturbing thing to me is the bankers - the theft. It reminds me of Hitler. It reminds me that every generation seems to have a horrific war or event to live through. My generation has not had anything like that. Does that mean that this is it? Hitler was not the only fascist around in the 20’s and 30’s; he’s only the most successful. Who will be the 2010’s Hitler? Who will be the 2010’s Jews?

The playing field has changed. My god, when I think that before World War I, the world’s major powers were Germany, Russia, an Austrian-Hungarian alliance and Turkey (the Ottoman Empire), I am dumbstruck with how things can change over 100 years. Hungary?! Turkey?! How fast empires fall. The United States did not become one of the world’s superpowers until after World War II, in 1945. Are we next to fall, North America? Sure looks like the States are falling fast – aside from the thieves and murderers making off with the people’s capital. Is the government-corporate alliance going to disband the “United States”, change the name to “Republic of Americas” or something, like the plunderers of Russia did, changing the name from “Russia” to “Soviet Union”, and replace the American dollar with a new currency to hide their theft?

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