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Boredom Meditation

Back in the day, I preferred waitressing to working in offices because I could not stand the tedium of office tasks. I had morals of some kind too, because when I was contracted to write a manual for the military, I turned it down. Not only did I turn it down, I said I would do it, then just didn’t show up for the job.

Part of the reason I flaked was because there was a girl working there that I had gone to school with. I was embarrassed that I hadn’t done anything super wow already with my life (I was about 24).

I was quite vocally opposed to war and violence; in contrast to the small town acceptance of such things that we both grew up with. By taking the job, everyone I grew up with would know that I had failed; that I was forced to accept war/violence as a way of life. I was stubborn and block-headed, then; viewed most things in black and white rather than shades of grey.

I realize now I could have asked the temp company to find me something similar, but for a different government department. I could have told them I’d be more of an asset to them in a different environment. They may have viewed me as cheeky, but would have found me something else: I was a good, contentious worker. Unfortunately, not only did I not know I was a good, contentious worker, I had NO IDEA that I could ask for things in a job. I did not realize it was ok; good, even, to question and/or make demands of an employer!

So I threw away an opportunity and a livelihood. Man, it hurts to recall that…

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It is so important to ask questions of your employer! However being insecure about that type of thing is no rarity - I am 21 and have and have just started my first real job. It is much different to what I thought I would be doing as a kid!

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Changes to Life

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Boredom Meditation

Excellent site and Nice article. Thanks for sharing this nice post and for permitting me to post my comments.

That doesn't happen to men

That doesn't happen to men alone. I, myself has that kind of feeling but I try not to focus on that. Insecurity is difficult to manage but if you'll continue to dwell on that thought, it may ruin everything in you. Why not do something to make yourself proud of what you've done?


I guess such sort of ideas visit the head of many men in age of 30 and above...

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