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I’m just here doing my taxes, wondering why. I don’t support my governments. I see them rewarding their friends and cutting social programs; making people like me pay for the big contracts they dole out to their friends – like my work isn’t worth the amounts they pay to their buddies! It’s easy to pay someone lots of money when the money isn’t yours; when you are just the custodian of the money of a huge group of people whom you feel no special allegiance or concern for. Damn, it’s pretty much unavoidable.

Why do I pay my taxes? Why can’t I just allot the amount I’d pay to social services, road repair (in my area) and more buses? Why can I not allot my money for workers’ wages not the raises of MLA’s?

I don’t make enough for Revenue Canada to come after me. For real. They’re not going to waste their time for the money they'd get out of me. I know where I sit on the wage/income scale and it’s not at a significant place. Why do I bother?

I remember going to church every Sunday, for several years after I was kicked out (of home). At one point I realized that I kept going because I was afraid of Hell - completely irrationally because I no longer believed in the religion, I told myself. So I quit going to church – or rather attended less and less frequently, until the last time I attended on an Easter Sunday, and became afraid that I’d burn if the holy water the priest was splashing around hit me.

I now pay taxes out of the same irrational fear: that the big bad Government will hunt me down and throw me in jail if I don’t pay. Even if that event is as likely as, well, Hell.

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To Pay or Not to Pay

Paying taxes is something we all do but it is so frustrating to pay and pay alot especially when it seems we receive not much in return. But sometimes we forget that countries like mine, Canada, are safe to live in where we do not have to fear anything and can raise a family fairly easily here. There are many pleasures we have in life that for the most part the vast majority of the worlds population does not have in any way. Things like education, good health, warm homes & the ability to chose a career and do just anything we want such as working for ourselves. Overall I think we are very fortunate. My only other comment is if you have any complaints about government issues in Canada, is the question " Did you vote?" We have that freedom to vote as well but when we only have a 30% voter turnout which is horrific how on earth can we have a government represent the majority?

America from freedom to fascism

This movie from Aaron Russo is about the federal income tax, I guess you'll find this document very interesting.

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