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Note that we've played, um, loose with the categories so the first 3 especially, are practically meaningless.


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Faith and Nurture

Can I create what I need? Can I manufacture it out of thin air?

Here is what I need:

Someone whom I admire, trust and respect puts hers or his arms around me. I resist but they hold firmly but gently, allowing me to calm down. Maybe they pat my head.

They rock me, let me cry. With a flick of their hand, they motion to a servant who disappears and reappears with a glass of cold, clear water. I drink. They address me, filled with faith in me. Love, respect, the offer of help, assurance that I will always be nurtured, aided and ultimately free, assurance that there is a safety net; that I can never really hurt myself, because not only will they teach me to live, they won’t let me die.

Here’s the best part: I believe them.

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Thanks for that. And love your recipes, btw. You are a poet!


Early in our hanging out, one day when I was curled in a ball feeling evil and anxious (still am) Blaine flop-squashed over me like a human blanket, or a cave, full body weight overtop my whole struggle and waited for me to feel better (still is). I (still) don't always believe.

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