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Photos for Online Community Building

I have a Facebook friend who posts tons of photos of people. He’s in “issue-based” politics, as he says, which means that though his day job is a campaign coordinator for the Wilderness Committee, he’s also active in the Stop the Gateway Project, Save UBC Farm, the Green Party and a host of other activities. He’s also a filmmaker and an awesome and engaging speaker.

Along with his steady stream of newspaper stories, invites to demos and actions and personal commentary on issues and events, Ben posts pictures – lots of them. Often, they are just of people he is hanging around with and his cats. He uses his cellphone and uploads them on the spot to his Facebook page.

It’s an ingenious, simple use of technology and resources. You can buy an expensive fancy camera or spend money on a data plan for your cellphone, take pics as you go about your life and share ‘em. I bet you will get more fun out of the phone camera and data plan than from an additional, heavier unit you’d have to carry around, unpack and deploy whenever you wanted to use it.

For an online community, encouraging members to share pics of themselves and their friends, primarily by doing it your self and encouraging others to do it, is a perfect way to reach another segment of your community and/or to strengthen bonds across it’s entirety.

I may not read all Ben’s articles, but I look at the photos. And how can you not support a guy who posts pictures of his cats?!

You knew all this, didn’t you?

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