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And the Winner of the "War on Terror " Is... Corruption

The "War on Terror" will never end, which is, to some, a Good Thing.

As Dwight Eisenhower warned, war is money... and we have certainly entered the golden age he warned about.

The military budget shows America is a country that prioritizes "strength" over health. America harvests taxes from the poor and invests in global dominance. Communications technologies have eliminated dependency on our own working class. We can leverage the labour of China, India, and any other global player.

America's dominance helps the economic elite win big. Not only does the fear unleashed by the "war on terror" encourage people to empty their pockets, it also allows the government to batten down the hatches, killing transparency for the sake of "security".

Without transparency, corruption is an endless, blissful orgy. Domestic spying makes business intelligence a complete snap. No-bid contracts create the ability to pretty much print money. Electronic voting means perpetual power. It's a sociopathic playground.

All thanks to the war on terror.

The winner of the war on terror is certainly corruption. We have entered a golden age where faith supercedes reason and concern for your country is tantamount to treason.

Until the gold rush ends, it's going to be interesting times.

nice one mike

mike you have not been writing off late

re: nice one mike

It is a FrogStyle hiatus what is going on.

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