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Lyndon Johnson's Mistress Claims He Ordered JFK Hit

Madeleine Duncan Brown, former mistress of US President Lyndon Johnson, has revealed on a video interview that she believes Johnson ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The night before JFK's assassination Johnson met with Dallas businessmen, crime bosses, and government agency players. Brown claims that after the meeting Johnson claimed "those SOB's" (the Kennedys) would never embarrass him again. Brown claims that the plot to assassinate JFK originated from the 1960 Democratic Convention when Kennedy was selected as presidential candidate, with Johnson as his running mate.

The image to the right shows Congressman Albert Thomas winking at Lyndon Johson as he's sworn in as president. Jackie O is shown, looking glum, in the foreground.

Source: Information Liberation

LBJ did order hit on JFK.

LBJ did order hit on JFK. It's the only theory, among all of the others, that truly makes sense. Barr McClellan's book, "Blood, Money & Power" cannot be refuted. No one else had greater motive.

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