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Make Digg Democratic and Transparent: Show Why A Story Was Buried (And Who Buried It)

Digg and Reddit are, for those that haven't used them, extremly useful websites for gathering and sharing content. They both rely on users to review the quality of submissions, with the highest rated submissions showing on the front page. The end result is fresh news and interesting user-based insight in a story's comments.

The Digg Model

Digg is the larger of the two, and promotes itself in the media as a democratic model that works. To a large extent, that's true, but there is one major flaw in the Digg model. No matter how many "Diggs" (votes) a story receives, it can be buried at any time if an unknown amount of users report the story (as either a duplicate, spam, wrong topic, inaccurate, or just lame).

When buried on Digg, the story more or less disappears, with no explanation.

On Reddit, stories can can be "downmodded", moving down in rank as viewers express disapproval, but can't be buried.

Digg's Lack of Transparency

Recently, a Reddit user, as a joke, submitted a story on Digg that pointed to a story on Reddit that pointed to the previous story on Digg. The user called it "Recursion defined". The story was voted to the front page on Reddit, but was buried on Digg. Not only was the story buried, but the user's account was deleted.

Another Reddit user, seeking to determine whether Digg was systematically censoring Reddit-related stories, posted an inoccuous story, that received many Diggs, about the existance of Reddit. This story was also buried with no explanation.

On Digg, a story's detail shows users who have "Dugg" the story, but not those who have chosen to bury it, or why the story was buried. Why not show this information? If Digg wants to promote itself as democratic, its credibility would benefit from adding some transparency.

Digg, like Reddit, is a great site. I would be encouraged if this feature was added!

(This story, incidentally, got submitted to Digg and was predictably buried.)


You da bomb, Mike! Fuckin' excellent story.

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